wintery love.

sunday afternoon we headed over to eno river state park for a hike. being natives of western washington, it's hard to really call anything around the greater durham area "hiking." but we've really tried to adjust to our current corner of the world, and make the most of the state parks and rivers here. there isn't a season that i don't enjoy a beautiful hike. even in winter, the trees are so stinking pretty. i just love trees. i do. i loooove them. how do you feel about trees?

here are some snapshots from our hike:

(the way every good winter outing begins)

(i both ran and played on this bridge. oops.)


 (follow the little blue dot.)

i love that winter days here are mostly dry and sunny. even if they are freezing. now if only we could find a good place to ski...

what are your favorite ways to enjoy the winter? or are you just holding tight until spring? 

on second thought, don't get me started on spring...

hope this wintery day brings you something joyful and beautiful. :)


  1. love that you are playing with new camera. i know you will get really good and take some fantastic ones. miss you sees

    1. Thanks sis. Next time we are together maybe you could show me a thing or two!

  2. love these pics! i also love how defiant you are - running AND Playing on that bridge! you rebel you!! :)

    1. Haha, I didn't see the sign until after I broke all of the rules. Maybe that's why my husband felt the need to take a picture of it. :) Even if I had, my gut tells me that there would have been some playing happening on the bridge.


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