fritos and the dpac.

my very first concert was reba mcentire. my dad must have been working a twenty-four hour shift that night because my mom took all three of us kids with her. i fell asleep before my favorite song—which oddly enough was that tragic duet she sang about her husband being in love with another woman. unfortunately for me, she waited till the end of the concert to sing it, and i was long gone. 

the only other thing i remember is all three of us eating way too many free bags of fritos. my sister got really sick afterwards. neither of us ever ate fritos again.

anyways, my awkward first concert reminiscing has a point, kind of. when adam and i first got engaged we accidentally discovered this band by attending a dave barnes concert in raleigh for which they were opening. we fell in love with them and it has all been downhill since then. we adore every last precious thing about this husband and wife who sing the most awesome songs together and look ridiculously adorable while doing it. well, they happen to be touring with needtobreathe at the moment, and they are coming back to the triangle, but this time to durham! and to the fourth-ranked performing arts center in america—the durham performing arts center. or, as we call it around here, dpac.

shameful as it is, adam and i have never been to the dpac. we thought we might go when jersey boys was playing in the fall, and i would have loved to go see lion king two years ago…but as you can probably imagine, tickets can be prohibitively expensive at that place. man alive. but when we saw that drew and ellie were going to be playing there, we knew the time had come.

so, that’s what we’ll be doing april 10th. and by the way, if this tour happens to be coming close to you (attention: cville folk), i would highly recommend going. my friend steph can hardly handle how good needtobreathe is live. and combine them with d+e…you will be in for a treat. no doubt bout it.

so, just out of curiosity, what is your favorite band to see live? can you remember your first concert? were there fritos involved?

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  1. girl, you got good taste. i love love LOVE drew and all his neighbor friends. i saw them at lincoln theater about two years ago? and they were incredible. i don't think i stopped smiling once during their whole show. it was definitely one of my favorite concerts. just recently went to see josh garrels and the mason jar music collaborative, and it was awesome! i know you and your hubs will have a fantastic time!


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