porters! snow! gifs!

this weekend adam and i went to charlotte to visit one of our very favorite families. these five special people became ridiculously important to me while i was at school in charlottesville. all three of the children were also in our wedding. ella was a jr. bridesmaid, ava was a flower girl, and jack did what jack does best...stole girls' hearts (while bearing rings).

and i wouldn't want to forget to say how much i love amber and chris too. they played the role of my adopted (much younger) parents when i moved across the country from my real ones. and they let me invite myself over to their lovely home whenever i saw fit. it made the world of difference. oh my, i can not, will not, could not imagine college without them.

we miss these folks so very much when we don't see them, and it had been way too long since we saw them last.


they live in charlotte, nc now conveniently. and we finally got our bums down there this weekend to play.

what did you do this weekend? did you get to squeeze someone you really missed? or just hang out and relax at home? hope it was splendid, whatever it brought. happy monday!

ps, a few funny gifs that the girls made this weekend that made me smile. :)


  1. Hubs and my parents both live in charlotte and I was jealous their snow stuck and our raleigh snow did not!

  2. yes! a lot of it melted by the next day but it sure was fun while it lasted!


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