snuggling might be in order.

this time of year is hard for me. i'm being teased with the promise of spring but it won't seem to turn the corner around here and just get warm. i'm a very cold person, always. my whole body stays cold from about october through march usually. then i start to thaw. sloowwwly. 

but in the meantime, all i want is to snuggle. seriously. anybody else just want to be constantly snuggled all winter long? i think i would have made a great bear cub when it came time to hibernate. i don't think adam minds it. he knew that snuggles were a large part of being married to me before he stepped into the role. but i'm not going to lie, i'm looking forward to some warmer weather. even if it makes snuggling a little less necessary for survival...

so, since it's pouring down rain and cold here today, i thought i'd just share some of my favorite warm inspiration from around the web.

for starters, can i please have a monster mug of this?

um, i'm sold on this idea. now where to put it...

i've literally been living with this around me. it's heaven. thank you mother for my favorite christmas gift maybe ever.

french lavender bubble bath. let me go run one now...

dreaming of our (someday) trip to nz. it's summer there right now and i could really use one of these beaches. or all of them. 

i pinned this jacket forever ago and my mind always wanders to it when i'm cold...

some luxurious fireplaces around the homeland. next time we are home i'd like to go on a fireplace tour of all of these...(#snuggles)

i think i could sleep in these. and i would. and then i'd wear them all day too.

and maybe wear some of my favorite woolies inside of them.

hot yoga. mmmm, yes. i'd like to try this place out right this minute.

i think i am going to make this for dinner, pull out the electric blanket, some wool socks, and hope that adam is ready to be pounced on for some snuggling when he gets home. how i miss him all day.

what do you do to stay warm in the winter? is it as cold and icky where you are as it is here? hope these links give you some inspiration for warmth!


  1. i am totally with you, girl. all i have wanted to do lately is snuggle and lay around. i use pregnancy as an excuse. but it's true.

    1. pregnancy is a great excuse too. pregnancy + icky cold weather...perfect combo for needing some good snuggling.


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