any mac sticky note users out there?

i use my sticky notes for everything. and like a purse, a car, a closet, or a camera, sometimes you've just got to clean that thing out! too much miscellaneous junk can overwhelm a soul. 

whenever someone i love says something that makes me laugh, or has a memorable exchange with me, and i really don't want to forget it, i'll type it onto a sticky. i read them all the time and they make me smile. but at this point, i just can't think anymore through all the stickies. so i'm doing some cleaning. 

i decided to dump a few of them here so that i can still refer to them from time to time, as i see fit. maybe they'll make you laugh too. i've completely forgotten the context for most of them. i do apologize.

"i have always liked halloween. it is fun to dress up and eat chocolate. it is a real part of my memories throughout life. i like the reformation too though."

-my mother.

"it's warmish i would say. you may touch it if you'd like." 

-dom, referring to a chocolate brownie, if i recall.  

adam: "that kind of thing just freaks me out."

me: "oh, don't worry about that. it's such a freak thing."
adam: "i'm not worried about it, it just freaks me out."
(perhaps, we should delete the word freak from our vocab, ad.)

"in this weather, no man is hairy enough"

-adam, when it was really cold?

"love you, praying for your brain." 

-adam, sometime during my thesis writing?

and a recent favorite:

me: "i just had a funny memory. did you throw up fritos after the reba concert?
sis: yes. cause they had free bags. and i ate 50 hundred. and i have never eaten them again.
me: me either. i ate them till i fell asleep before "does he love you" which was my favorite song and i missed it. depressing seven year-old, i must have been. 

sis: ha, maybe you were wondering if nick jorgenson loved you.
me: haha, probably. i was totally crushing on him back then. to no avail...
me: ps, totally just started a private session in spotify so i could listen to "does he love you" without being judged by facebook. #noshamejustkiddingshame."

do you keep up with funny things people say? or silly exchanges? i like having reminders of the people i love on my desktop all the time. remember this post about the roommates quote boards? maybe i'll start one for the nelson home soon. 

and finally, just a sweet one that i like to remind myself of often. i don't know who said it, but i like it.

"if equal affection cannot be, let the more loving one, be me."

your welcome for that randomness. happy friday!


  1. Replies
    1. well, that crush was a significant part of my 3-8 year old life.

  2. I love this. I also try to think back on funny things people say or do and always tell myself I'll write them down, but then don't! You have inspired me to keep track :-)

    1. well good! i forget to write a lot of them down too but occasionally i remember. it's good to have little recollections of what you love about the people you love. :)

  3. I love it! I do the same thing with stickies. Thanks for the smile :)

    1. oh good! isn't it so fun to look back and just chuckle? even if it's only funny to you... :)


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