travel bug.

until college and graduate school, i hadn’t travelled very much. besides visiting our neighbors (canada and mexico) on occasion, the only other country i’d been to was costa rica. but in college i got to travel a lot. i lived in italy for five months and travelled some in europe while i was there. then the next year i got to spend a week in dublin on the way to (seven weeks in) rwanda. graduate school and research took me to nepal and then back to italy for our honeymoon (che buon viaggio!).  if you remember, i flew 34,596 miles in the year 2011. yikes. it was heaven. 

well it’s been a little while now since i’ve left american soil, and i’m starting to get the bug again. who would have thought that this homebody would be so anxious to be on her way? we don’t have any big trips planned for this year, but we are dreaming one up for the winter/spring of 2014. adam used to live here. and he met some people there who are kind of...pretty dang awesome. and he misses them. and strangely, so do i. and he is aching a bit to get back. 

so we are dreaming.

is there anywhere you have a bug to get to? are you a traveler? a homebody? a travelling homebody like me?


  1. Adam lived in a Hobbit Hole? In Bag End?! Why indeed did he ever leave?

    1. haha, i don't think adam could fit into a hobbit hole...but he sure loved living in their country!

      trust me, he didn't want to leave. lucky for me though, he did. :)


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