chard for dinner!

like i mentioned here, i am trying to make a new recipe every week this year. just to expand my list of "go-to" meals. am i the only one that feels like learning how to plan and make interesting meals every night isn't always easy? this week i wanted to make a new recipe with all that beautiful rainbow chard we picked up at the market saturday morning. so i literally started a recipe search with "chard" and "quinoa." wow, you'd be surprised how many things came up. 

but this recipe for quinoa and chard cakes stood out immediately. it had cake in the name. aaaaand i already had the ingredients. so, yes. that's obviously what i chose.

it was a little bit of work, but it was worth every minute. this was one of the tastiest things our table has seen in awhile. there were no left overs. zero leftovers!

i haven't been sharing many of our new weekly recipes here. but this one was too good. i would have felt guilty for holding out on you guys if i kept it to myself.

please, try it. 
love it. 
tell me how pretty and pink your water turned. 

and by golly, make a double recipe so you can at least have leftovers after all that work! i know i will next time. :) enjoy and happy tuesday!


  1. This looks soo good. We are gluten free in our house so this would be perfect!

    1. Brianna, definitely try them! They are both gf and vegetarian. And don't skip the yogurt makes the dish!


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