name game.

recently, i posted about how to deicide when to have kids. i just loved the discussions that i got to have with y’all about the different things that play into that decision for each couple! thank you so much for your comments. that has got to be my favorite thing about blogging. 

but here is another question / confession. how early is too early to pick out your kids names? is there anyone else out there who started making lists of kids names about the time they started collecting ideas for their future wedding? or maybe even before? i don’t think i have  a single girlfriend who i have not had the “names we love” conversation with.

i wonder why we enjoy doing that so much!

we must feel like the names we give our kids are part of our identity too. am i right?

yesterday adam and i spent time over lunch talking about kids names. sometimes we talk about it while lying in bed at night too.

(well usually in bed, i start listing names and adam just says “no” “no” “definitely no” “are we really deciding this before we fall asleep?” and i surrender.)

but we do have a girl’s name and a boy's name that we really like already, and we are not even trying for kids yet! are we crazy?

do you already plan for future kids names? if you have kids, how early did you start thinking about it?  did you end up using the names that you always thought you would? or totally different names?

the funny things that we all do! ….well, at least us women. :)

happy monday everyone!


  1. We always knew that we would have a Laura and a Paul because of people that we wanted to honor. The really fun one was picking just what sounded fun and good to us. So it works many different ways with each child.

    1. You are right, all of them suit each kid so well. I think the child totally gives the name the character. Glad you had one name that was fun to come up with on your own! Couldn't appreciate that decision more. :)

  2. The funny thing is that each name was perfect for that child.

  3. we do talk about names now and then, since it is the only part of parenting we can imagine enjoying. :D

    1. haha, yes. as hard as this process seems, it's probably the very easiest part of the parenting process. :)


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