notice anything?

so, for about a solid year now i have been desperately wanting to shake things up here (visually, that is). i have not changed the look of my blog basically, since the day it was born.

funny how this blog really became more important to me than i ever thought it would. and i've come to love blogging so much more than i anticipated. and as i've become more committed to this little space of mine in the blogosphere, i've been wanting to show it (and all of you) some love, by making it a more attractive place.

and basically i have one of the most awesome new friends in the world. 

and she was like, "oh, i'll play around with something for you" and i was like "no way. really?" and she was like, "you know it." 

so just like that, the blog gets a makeover. 

i hope you like it. because, i'm wild about it.

i’m also pretty wild about the sweet girl behind it. so please, for your own good, go check her out here.

just so you know, we may be touching things up here in the next week or so, so don't be alarmed!

and you know what? this seems like an appropriate time to say thank you for reading, and interacting with me, and teaching me things here over the years. i think part of why i’ve come to love blogging so much, is all of you. and the great conversations that arise out of some of my most random thoughts. i never thought i’d feel so comfortable being so open. about everything. but you know what?

it’s been wonderful.

so thank you. 

hope you continue to feel right at home here. :)

(and as usual, photo credit goes to eric kelley and earthen vessels.)

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