re-discovering saturday mornings.

adam's job switch this year means that he no longer works on saturdays! so we have been taking full advantage of this new found freedom/time together. and since the spring is finally arriving here, saturdays are becoming that much more glorious. this morning we woke up and had a sleepy cinnamon roll making and coffee session. awhile back i discovered just how good this gluten/corn free pizza dough mix is. but, there is also a cinnamon roll recipe on the package. i've been dying to try them and since my latest box from vine arrived yesterday, i was re-stocked. 

can i just say i love the smell of water, sugar, and yeast dissolving? maybe just because i know something delicious is coming... 

while the cinnamon rolls rose we headed downtown for a quick round at the farmer's market. there is hardly a place i would rather play on a saturday morning. i always get this fuzzy little feeling of love for this place when we go downtown on a sunny saturday morning and every cute family / dog is out and about. and the food trucks are selling pizza, barbecue, doughnuts, and ice cream at 10 am. durham is a special place people. i know most of you probably don't believe me. and that's ok.

when we got back we threw those sweet rolls in the oven. there was no recipe for icing on the package, but we weren't about to eat icing-less cinnamon rolls. so i whipped up something power-sugary and sweet, and it was embarrassing how fast we cleaned our plates. as shown above. then we napped.

saturday mornings are quickly becoming my favorite time of the week. 

what do your favorite saturday mornings consist of?

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