the madness.

so, yeah, duke totally got hosed in the bracketing, but i am not going to spend a whole post commenting on that. or the number of other questionable decisions i felt were made about the 2013 men’s basketball tourney brackets. because what fun would a post like that be to read? not very fun. so I am just going to drop it right here.

ugh. but it was so lame.

ok, here.

anyway, regardless of how the brackets fall, march is such an exciting time. adam and i literally had this conversation yesterday:

adam: march is such a great month.
me: i guess it’s a really good thing that we are both obsessed with college basketball. i’m glad we’ve always had that in common.
adam: yeah, well if we didn’t, we probably wouldn’t be married, right?

little did i know that our marriage was based on our lifetime love/obsession with the month of march and college basketball madness. ok, it's probably not. but we have both always loved sharing the excitement of this time of year together.

is there anyone else as nutty about this tournament as we nelsons are? it helps if you have a team to really get behind. well, adam happens to be a huge indiana hoosier fan. he always has been. and i, ahem, was born and raised bleeding duke blue. this you probably know already. interesting that this year both of our teams could make a major run for the title. and the only place they could meet is the final game. hmm,

what was that about our marriage and college basketball? wonder what a duke v. indiana championship would do to us…

but in all seriousness, we are rooting hard for both and would be giddy at the prospect of them meeting in atlanta.

(but, just pray for us if they do.)

who is your team? are they in the tourney this year? are you entering your predictions into a pool? could you care less about march madness?

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