young friends. old(er) friends.

one thing that everyone needs is a good friend, or ten. and it is interesting the way that making friends changes as you get older, out of school, married, kids…but we all find a way to make them. because we need them. and one thing that i’ve realized over the years, is the importance (at least to me) of having friends of all ages. i think there are a few girls in my life (ages 7-12) who i would legitimately consider friends. but i also have women in my life who are in their 50s-60s who are my friends. and probably every decade in between.

it’s easy for me to get caught up in the stage of life i am in, and having friends who are in a different stage from mine helps to pull my head out of the bucket and see the bigger picture. 

the beauty of youth and the beauty of aging. 
the mystery of being a child and of bringing one into the world, and raising it.

i learn so much from both. anyone else get this? 

do you agree? do you have friends of all ages, or are most of your friends your age? do you enjoy spending time with people who are older and/or older than you? or do you feel most comfortable kicking it with your peer-like people?

just curious. :)

ps, tomorrow night we are heading to our favorite restaurant in durham with two of our very favorite friends! what are your friday plans? it's almost the weekend!

1. lauren (6) and me.
2. kathy, a dear friend to me. also happens to be one of my best friends' mom. :)
3. three of my small group friends from nc. peer-like folk, but all three are mammas too!
4. um, you've seen these girls a lot. my best friends. :)
5. laura and me. my pretty best friend who is about to get married!
6. my mom's best friend (gail) and her daughter (kendyl). also two of my favorite friends.
7. my grand little in KD, jaclyn. she is just beautiful so i couldn't not post this pic. senior at uva!
8. um, how could these two not be two of my favorite friends? i've known them most of the their lives. ella (9) and ava (7).

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