how a vegetarian grills out.

ok, so here is a million dollar question:

what do you do with a husband who loves to grill when you became vegetarians last year?

now that the sunshine is out, adam is eyeing his little weber friend more and more. he keeps asking me "hey can i grill something tonight?!!"

and i'm like "sure,

here's some broccoli?"

adam is a legit griller. he's got some skills. and i hate to see all that excitement squelched by my inability to think of creative vegetarian meals to grill. they must exist right??

we've grilled exactly twice this year so far:

1. portobello mushrooms and some store-bought veggie burgers (they were ok).

2. and homemade pizza (very yum).

but it's not going to be another day or two before he is asking me for something else to throw on that thing. i need some help! even those of you who eat meat must have some good ideas for vegetarian grilling. i've done some good googling on this topic. which has left me determined to learn to make a great black bean + chic pea burger of sorts. but other than that, i'm kind of at a loss.

any ideas for fun vegetarian meals for the grill? is this an entirely too-tall order?? told you it was a million dollar question.

ps, pizza made with this gf crust!


  1. As a lifelong vegetarian, here are my suggestions:

    1) Grill zucchini and yellow squash cut longitudinally into long, thin(ish) strips.
    2) Grill slices of tomato.
    3) Grill corn on the cob, just as it is! Rotate occasionally.

    My favorite seasoning: paprika, garlic powder, ground pepper, and salt in a 4:3:2:1 ratio.

    Also, I wonder how long strips of butternut squash, seasoned with garlic, would do?? I love sautéed butternut squash (pre-steamed) with garlic, so perhaps grilling would achieve a similarly delicious flavor.

    1. wow such great ideas girl! thanks! i think the butternut squash would definitely be worth a try. and yum, grilled tomatoes...can't wait for ours to grow!!

  2. P.S. I think some people grill tofu, but because soy is a migraine trigger for me, I've never tried this before.

    1. i really try to like tofu. really. it's so hard. maybe grilled tofu would be the breakthrough for me. :)

  3. i was totally going to say PIZZA! there are some great grilled pizza recipes out there.

    1. i know! and it turns out so well on the grill!

  4. I LOVE that you are northwest born and raised and you used the phrase "grill out!" Sam always makes fun of me when I say we should have people over to "Grill Out."

    What about fish? Do you eat that?
    How about some sweet potatoes? Mix with black beans and make tacos. YUM!

    1. what?? is grill out not a normal phrase? haha, i always use it!! as if grilling "in" was an option? :) we don't really eat fish. maybe if we found ourselves in the pnw during salmon/halibut/crab season (which will happen in a few months) we would make an exception though. :)

      the sweet potato and black bean taco idea is great!! yum, i will have to try that.

  5. First of all, I LOVE that you're representing Petaluma, CA beer way out on the right coast. Didn't even realize they sold it out there!

    Secondly, I made these beet burgers for JoAnn last Valentine's day (can't get much more red than that!). They were a huge hit, barring one thing: DO NOT use fresh beets. While I'm sure they're the purist's way, unless you have a seriously strong dicer, you'll save yourself 45 minutes of painfully difficult chopping by going with canned beets.

    Good luck!



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