it's me. really.

oh hi!

remember me?


thank you for allowing me the two week hiatus from blogging that i just thoroughly enjoyed. i hate to do it, but then again, it's so good. i feel like i have hardly spent anytime on this little macky-book in the past couple of weeks, and what a cleansing it has been.

now, to be honest, i've also been feeling icky, really busy watching basketball, and going through an audit of our research study at work(!!!), so it wasn't one-hundred percent intentional. but i sure embraced it. i loved evenings of just sitting and chatting with friends, with adam, reading, journaling, and going to bed earlier.

oh, and not mention following through on my last post: i've talked to my friends on the phone more (even just for snippets). i had a video chat with three of my best friends all at once (including my germany gal). and i even had time to skype with my in-laws. woop woop!

but i couldn't stay away from y'all forever. :) 

nope, i love it here.

soooo, that said, i am actually going to leave you with a special little treat of a video that one of my favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard, posted today. it has got to be one of the sweetest moments ever recorded. eeeeeks! enjoy! xo.


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    1. Thanks girl. :) the break was nice but better to be back. :)


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