parlour has landed. hooray!

durham has done it again. our favorite food truck in town finally opened up their store, last week. there have been lots of efforts among the durhamites and other small businesses to get this treat of an ice cream truck into a real parlour. it is a niche that has been needing to be filled for a long time around this place. we've got cupcake stores, popcicle stores, and bakeries galore. but we have been lacking a good old local ice cream spot. and it's beautiful to see what a couple of entrepreneurs and a whole lot of love from the town can do. adam and i went sunday night to check it out.

parlour, we've been fans for awhile, and we are so excited to have a much needed ice cream home base. and to not have to chase around your truck in order to indulge in your ridiculously amazing creations. here here! just in time for all this sunshine. :)

ps, according to southern living durham is officially the tastiest town in the south. yessiree!

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