sand, yoga, and jello shots.

a lot of my time and nearly all of my creative energies lately have been focused on planning the last three days. during which we got to celebrate my best friend laura's upcoming matrimony! gosh i love this girl. and she happens to really love the beach. so twelve of us hit the road and headed to the obx for for some girlie time.

while it wasn't warm enough to be true beach weather (what is up this spring in nc??) we bundled up and got our footsies in the sand at least a couple times a day. the rest of our "outdoor time" was spent in the hot tub trying to stay warm...

one of these awesome ladies helped me put together little gift bags for everyone full of fun beachy treats. she actually handmade all the totes along with the darling headbands! um, yeah. she was the coolest ever.

i led the girls in morning yoga. which was followed up by everyone doing the the p90x ab ripper routine...ouch. and it wasn't even warm enough for bikinis after all that work on our abs.

included in the gift totes were materials for handmade bracelets. we all got a little confused in the process...but they turned out super cute!

before going out for tapas saturday night we had a little cocktail party. everyone brought their "lbd." because we are sooooo classy like that.

the night ended with dessert and showering laura with some fancy lingerie. oh, and jello shots. cosmo jello shots. remember, we're classy! don't we look it?

laura might be the easiest person in the world to shower with love. and all these women in her life might be the most awesome girls to spend a weekend with.

how was your weekend? any bachelorettes and/or jello shots involved?

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