sei il nostro domani.

this phrase is italian. it means “you are our future.” until a couple months ago i thought our future consisted of being unko addo and aunty weese. i thought there was a trip to new zealand to visit adam’s loved ones and their bebes next march. i thought there was at least another 1-2 years left of total independence and selfish time together, just the two of us. i thought we were going to be allowed to plan and pick and have our own way.

but now, our future looks a little different.

tranne ora, sei il nostro domani.

you, you are our future now. it frightens me to even write these words. because honestly, i have no idea what they mean. i have no idea what it means to be responsible for growing a human life and then raising it. i have no idea what it means to be a mother and wife at the same time. i am already so afraid. so overwhelmed. and so in love.

i have to admit to you from the beginning: i never expected you to be a surprise. i never expected not to choose when i would become your mamma. i never expected that it would happen quite this early. but what i've realized is that no one really chooses when to become a mamma, or if they will. even if they think they do. and you are the answers to all of our prayers. especially those about timing; about when, where, how to start a family. God gave you to us in His perfect timing.

and so,


we are so ready for you.



    1. Thanks girl! Glad to get to share the joys of pregnancy with you for a few months here!

  2. this really is the best Elise, and you will be a great mom AND wife AND aunti weese at the same time

    1. so much to learn at once. really excited to be eden's aunt come august. :)


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