water people, again!

these two water people were having enough of being trapped inland, so we decided to take a last minute trip to wilmington for the day this weekend.

when you grow up on the water you just get spoiled. or hopefully in our case, maybe just really really appreciative for being on the water. and you really miss it when you live smack dab in the middle of a state. we really needed that "a-ha" moment of,

"we actually do live near the ocean!!!!!!!"

so we hopped in the car sunday morning and were on the beach by the time it was getting real warm (just over two hours driving!). we ended up finding a stellar deal on a hotel nearby and decided to stay the night too and beach it again on monday. mini babymoon!

the beach was so beautiful...and that water!

downtown wilmington is down right charming. we headed to the riverfront for some sunset strolling and dinner.

we went from never having been to wilmington or wrightsville beach, to deciding to go every warm saturday from now until infinity... infinity being late november when baby comes and demands our attention on the weekends. and the weekdays. and we will love giving it our attention. but for now, we are doing our best to soak up the remaining "just us" time. and i have a feeling a lot of that time will be spent at this particular beach.

happy late memorial day! what did you spend your weekend doing?

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