can't resist a pnw summer.

everyone seems to be posting about summer plans lately. and honestly, this summer has already been a bit of a mental hurdle for me. it’s the first summer of my life that i am working straight through the whole season. no summer break? what has my life turned into? especially as we anticipate all of the changes ahead, i’m feeling like i could use a couple of weeks to just relax, sit in the sun, nurse my tomatoes that are trying so hard to grow…and not get eaten by rabbits.

growing up we always traveled from washington, out to the east coast for most of the summer. we’d visit family, eat a lot of watermelon, and have contests to see who had the most mosquito bites at the end of each day. now we live on the east coast and the vacation we get to look forward to this summer is a trip back to washington for a week. it’s like my life has been reversed.

we haven’t spent a week back home during the “sunny season”* in years. 

*several days scattered throughout the later part of june to the very beginning of september. occasionally some of these days occur in succession for a week or so…

have you ever been to the northwest? got any plans to go anytime soon? lately, we've been  meeting a lot of people out here in nc who have recently been or are planning to head out to the pnw for a little vacay. here are a few of the things we are most looking forward to doing while home, (and some fun things to do for anyone who is planning a trip!):

-sailing, boating, kayaking, just get us on the water!!!
-hiking in the cascades or the olympics or both! so many mountains to choose from!
-hanging out in seattle. pike place market with some good company on a sunny day, it never gets old.
-going to opening game in the huskies’ new stadium, against boise state. adam is only a little bit excited about this one…
-maybe try to catch an M's game.
-the local boys. please have some rainier cherries for us trev!
-picking wild blackberries and eating our weight in cobbler.

-and of course hanging out with our family and friends who we miss so much! hopefully this will include seeing all six of adam’s sisters at some point. (please!) we are excited to finally get to share a part of this season of our lives with our family and friends back home. and to introduce the babe to where it's roots are. 

so, do y'all have any fun summer plans? visting family? friends? weddings galore??  


  1. also working all summer long. saving my time off from work for a vacation during christmas. most people in the working world get 2 weeks of time off a year. welcome to adulthood :P the exception is biz owner, who rock, or stay at home moms who are lazy. alice

    1. first full year in the working much to learn and get used to, haha! yet, extremely grateful for a great job too.

  2. When are you coming? if you have time for a trek up north to the 'big city', we'd love to take you sailing on Halcyon! Or at least grab a meal? Keep us posted of the plans. (and congrats, by the way)

    1. we come at the very end of summer! and yes we'll definitely be in the city at some point and would love to see y'all! we'll be in touch. :)


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