full of surprises.

for some reason, we knew it was a boy. we had the name chosen. we even had a few baby boy clothes sitting in the nursery. we knew that after having six sisters and no brothers, surely adam's first born would be a son. 

and yet…

she isn't a boy at all. she's a wiggly, smiley little bambina. and we just want her in our arms this very minute. full of surprises this little one is so far. can’t wait for so many more sweet surprises that being her parents will bring.

now to choose a name!

ps, a favorite blogger of mine posted this hilarious geico commercial last wednesday. adam and i can’t get enough. happy happy hump day everyone!


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    1. thanks kristin! i agree, surprises are so fun. and there are no shortage of them with this kiddo... :) thanks for reading!

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    1. thanks! haha, i was thinking about that convo we had in which we were both SO sure we were having boys. well, don't be surprised if there is more pink in your near future than you suspect. :) who knows! excited for y'all to find out. it's just the best getting to know!

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    1. thanks girl! i love little baby gals. can't wait to meet this one. :)


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