the fourth, of course.

we love the fourth of july around here. and four day weekends. and sunshine. so it felt like this weekend we had it all. we spent most of the fourth at fullsteam eating, drinking, listening to music, playing games, and enjoying the company of some of our most favorite friends. then we headed to the ballpark for the durham fireworks show. they launch them right from the field, and after the seventh inning they let anyone in for free to come watch the show! i heart durham. 

the rest of the weekend was spent hanging out, sleeping in, hiking, and cleaning our house! nesting mode has officially kicked in and all i want to do is clean the house and plan the nursery. what's that? still 19.5 weeks to go...?

hope your fourth of july was great and that you got to celebrate and appreciate our great freedom, and its price.


  1. So I just stumbled upon your blog and while doing the usual first time 'stalking' I noticed many reasons to love your blog starting with a) Seattle...hmmm, I could use some beechers. b)I heart Durham, too. and I love Full Steam and Geer St (and I could go on) did you get married in Charlottesville?! Wahoowa. My town! and last, if we ever finally have a baby...and it's a girl, her name will be Elise, or at least her middle name will be! ok, longest comment ever;)

    1. haha, so much in common! glad to know there is someone else who shares my favorite towns loves. cville will probably always take the cake in my book...ahhh. :) thanks for stumbling across this place and reading and saying hi!


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