so here's a story from our weekend:

saturday night we went to bed at 1:00 am. about an hour and a half later we were in our car headed up to richmond, va.  spontaneous middle of the night road trip anyone? extremely loud music and very strange middle of the night dance moves were the only things that kept us from passing out on the drive. that and adrenaline of knowing that  my sister was in labor with my sweet niece and i just wanted to be by her side as soon as i possibly could. you may think it’s weird, but my sister wanted me there for her birth. and i wanted to be there. this whole being pregnant with our firsts together thing has really bonded us in a special way. i had kind of ruled out the idea that i’d be able to, thinking eden would come during the week and i wouldn't be able to leave. but she came on a beautiful sunday morning at 10:52 am. what a peanut too! only 6lbs 11 oz. of pure preciousness. oh, her little lips and nose…i must contain myself.

i didn’t realize how quickly you could love a child so much. already i’m experiencing separation anxiety being back here in nc. it kind of freaks me out thinking about the amount of love that i feel for my sister's sweet baby girl already. because i am sure it’s only a small fraction of what i’m going to be feeling this november when we meet our little girl for the first time. i imagine i'll explode when that happens.

gosh, and have i mentioned how simply miraculous birth is? i was basically crying the whole time. it was just so stinking beautiful. to see two people working so hard and lovingly to bring their child into the world together…it was too much for this pregger’s emotions/hormones. not to mention seeing two people who are celebrating their 37th anniversary of marriage this week become grandparents and my amazing sister become a mom all in one fell swoop. oh, and did i mention i’m an AUNT now???

[cue mandatory photo dump].

meeting grandma and pappa j. 
just missing pj.
have i mentioned i love my niece?
do we look like we could do this? just say yes.
with her mommy and daddy.
the most beautiful mother!
ok, yeah i want one.
such a natural. :)

couldn't stop kissing her sweet little head!

hope your weekend had some awe-inspiring moments too. God is so good!


  1. Gah, I am bursting from all of the cuteness! I am so very happy that you were able to be there for the birth. Eden looks so beautiful and I can't wait to meet her, as well as her cousin! ;)

    1. I know, isn't she the cutest! She looks so much like her mamma and grandma. :) I am sure Laura will be anxious for you to get to meet her too! Will you be in VA anytime soon??

  2. ahhh so beautiful!!! congratulations on becoming an aunt!! eden is beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I'm gushing with love. You are next, and it won't be long! Praying for your sweet one too!

  3. Your new niece is precious! She is so lucky to have a sweet aunt like you!




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