on parenting: which i know little to nothing about.

i have been doing a lot of preparation to bring this girlie into the world. i am actually really excited to give birth. and not all the intimidated about that part. (please, just let me run with my naivety ok? it's working for me). i am not sure there is anything i have or will ever do that will be more amazing that bringing a small human into the world with my body.

i've read a lot. i am taking an awesome class with adam. i have been eating well and keeping myself healthy.

it's partly because it's a big day that is fast approaching. but i think it's also because it is a bit more tangible and less intimidating than thinking about everything that comes after...you know the part where you actually have a baby. and take care of it. and raise it...

there are so many different parenting theories. heck, there are tons of theories just about how a baby should sleep. where's a mamma to start? sometimes i just think to myself, "just give me another book on childbirth! i can do that part!"

thankfully, i read two things that calmed me right down recently. one was by a doctor talking about different parenting styles. he said, something to the effect of,

you know, as a pediatrician, i'm not totally bought into any one parenting philosophy. i don't think there is any philosophy out there that has it all down. or that applies perfectly to every child. the only thing that concerns me is when parents don't think about parenting at all. when they are lazy and choose to not parent when they should. they don't think about whether they should be coddling a child with a skinned knee or teaching them toughness by not coddling--they just don't make an effort either way. rather than choosing which style of discipline to use, they just get lazy and don't make an effort to discipline their children at all. (total paraphrase but you get the gist.)

ok, so that's where my first sigh of relief came. i don't think we are in danger of this. i think our parenting style will evolve over time. i think it will depend on who this little girl is. and i think a lot of it will be trial and error. but i don't think that we will ever be apathetic parents. and i know that whatever philosophy we develop together will be grounded in our understanding of our heavenly father and his perfect parenting.

which leads me to the source of my second sigh of relief: "but blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. they will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. it does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. it has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit." jeremiah 17:7-8

as i read this recently, i thought, i just want to plant this girl by the water. i want to help her establish roots that have an eternal source of nourishment. i don't want to force those roots. but i want to teach and lead her toward them. and then, i'll have to trust her heavenly Father to care for her the way He's always cared for me. so that in all those times when i am really not in control of what life brings her way (so basically always...) i can have confidence in where she is rooted.

oh thank goodness we are not her ultimate parents.

and thank goodness we get to be her parents.


  1. oh i love this. you read my mind. this is so much what i have been feeling / praying lately. at the end of the day, when i feel like i am struggling or i feel like i am not enough, i just remember this baby has a Heavenly Father who loves he / she more than i ever could and i just have to point this baby to Him!

    1. exactly. and we are lucky to know first hand just how wonderful of a Father He is! so we can have confidence that he'll fill our many gaps as parents. :) ps, you are SO close now!!!

  2. Elise, I loved this! Such a beautifully perfect and simple reflection...wonderful. May He in His infinite love and grace order each of your 'baby steps' as He gifts you His child to raise for Him. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, so encouraging.

    1. Kirsten Mucyo...xx

    2. thanks for the encouragement kirsten! so good to hear from you. :)


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