singleness of heart.

i was reading this week in jeremiah.

[confession, i am a solid two months behind in my bible-in-a-year reading. but as it turns out, i don’t mind so much because God keeps smacking me with things that i need that very day and hour. so clearly, i’m right where i need to be.]

anywho, we listened to this sermon sunday while driving back from richmond [where we spent the weekend gushing over the most precious little thing in our lives right now] and i was kind of like, “woah ad, i need to listen to this again. like, right now. and probably every day. for awhile.”  it was called “making room for the greater things”—just the title gets you right? anyways, you should probably listen to it here. if you want.

[this post isn’t getting anywhere fast is it?] back to jeremiah—i was reading there yesterday, after having listened to that crazy good sermon, and came to the 32nd chapter. toward the end there was this little phrase about God giving His people a “singleness of heart and action.” again i was like, “woah God, that’s what i want.” anyone else?

are there not about one-thousand things in this world that want our hearts? i mean, not things that just want to play with or tickle our hearts, but that seriously want to consume our hearts--and minds? that want our time? our money? our emotions?  if we aren't pretty intentional we can live our lives feeling like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off trying to find the magic path to perfection and happiness. while in reality, we are just running in circles with no heads. our lives can be so full, and still feel so not what we want them to feel like. am i right? doesn't the idea of having your mind and heart and actions and lives in ONE place sound pretty appealing? yes! me! pleeeeease!

[my hand is raised so high right now.]

is that even possible? i love jeremiah because God is constantly reminding his people of His faithfulness despite their unfaithfulness. and of the benefits of a life focused solely on Him, rather than clinging to every false security that comes their way. which they did A LOT. and so do i. and if you’re anything like me…

so this week, i am trying to practice singleness of heart—a heart for my heavenly Father. period. and i just have a feeling that other things in my life might feel much more peaceful. because they just won’t matter nearly as much. maybe i can be a chicken with my head still on this week. which is a good start.


  1. really thoughtful and beautiful post sister. i love the way you share your thoughts.


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