i've been getting showered.

to be honest, i haven’t spent much time on my computer lately. i have gotten ridiculously behind on emails. until yesterday, i hadn’t blogged in weeks. and really, i don’t care all that much. i kinda love not spending time in front of a screen when my favorite season is beginning, i have a wonderful husband to hang with, and i have lots to do to get ready for little miss who is coming soon. but i’ve also been showered with generosity, twice now, and i just can’t help but share all the love that people have shown me in the past couple of weeks.

when we were back in washington earlier this month, one of my mom’s best friends threw me my first baby shower. then, last weekend two of my dearest friends here threw me another one! i can’t lie, showers overwhelm me a little. all that attention and everyone talking about this child that i am supposedly going to have and take care of and be a mother to…huh? so, that kind of boggles my mind. and then suddenly i am opening all of these miniature versions of things. all kinds of things, but in miniature. and they are going to be in my house and someone miniature enough to use them will also be living here. more boggling of mind. but beyond all of those crazy overwhelming emotions, i’ve loved celebrating a new life; one particularly dear to me. so showers are wonderful, after all. and all three of the ladies who threw these went out of their way to show me and bambina here, so much love.

here are some of my favorite snaps from the events! and yes, i wore the same dress to both. i happen to love the dress. it fits. it's comfortable. and i am pregnant. so i wore it both times!

the wa shower host! love you rene!
some of the friends that came to celebrate in wa!
i loved having my niece at the shower in nc! 
eden was getting all kinds of love. as expected. :)
the lovely hosts in nc. counting on these two to help me with this whole mamma business. :)

rene, karen, and adrienne—how grateful i am for you and your amazing friendships. i am so glad that you are the kind of women that this little lady will get to be around and learn from! thank you so much!

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