one of those talents i don't have.

there are so many people in my life who have those superpowers talents that are so opposite from mine. do you have friends like that? one of our dear friends jen has an amazing one! and we are just lucky enough to always reap the benefits of her talented self. jen has the most amazing vision for design. i mean, it’s a serious gift. i wish i could fly her out here and have her go to town on the nursery (which has been a slow process for this very non design-oriented mind…). anyways, whenever we are home she throws a beautiful dinner party and we get to be wowed all over again. and feel like vip for the night!

some friends just get together and everyone brings a dish and you sit around a semi-set table / maybe a football game. (trust me, i love that scene too!)

but that's not so much what it's like when we go to the jones’ for dinner. jen always creates some beautifully themed tablescape and dinner that whisks you away to some gorgeous place and makes you feel like a movie star. you think i’m exaggerating, i’m sure. 

but, this last one was one of my favorites ever. one of our other dear friends, shasta, is also expecting a little girl (one week after us) and so the theme of the party was celebrating the two little girls. (hence all the "n"s and "k"s for nelson and kelley). the perfect pacific northwest night and a table set by the water didn't hurt either…

but seriously, check this out!

what is a talent a you secretly wish you had? this kind of thing is definitely mine!

ps, most of these pictures were also taken by jen. :)


  1. Jen always does a lovely lovely job! Wish I had been there for this!

    1. i know! she is incredible. wish you'd been there too. :)


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