i pulled off a surprise, for once.

this weekend i pulled off a little surprise for adam’s birthday. i am usually terrible at keeping my own surprises, but i worked extra hard to keep my yapper shut about it this time. for the most part...

if you don’t know this, my hubby loves to sail. while we were home in september we got in a quick sail, but it was definitely more of a tease for him than anything. we had really hoped to get away for a night on the boat, but with all the people to see and other things to do, it just didn't happen. and it made poor hubby very sad.

so i put my rear into gear to find someone in nc that would let us take their boat out for a little over-nighter to celebrate adam’s birthday/our anniversary/have a last "babymoon" of sorts. i finally found a nice fellow who runs a sailing school who agreed to let us take one of his 25-footers overnight. hooray! we left on Saturday morning, sailed all day, found a perfect anchorage, got rocked to sleep by the ocean, and woke up to the most beautiful morning on the water that has ever been (proof below).

it felt like the most fitting over-nighter our little family could have taken, 33 weeks pregnant and all. i am sure it won't be long before the little bambina is learning to sail too. maybe she'll learn to swim first. or walk. maybe not.

it was the perfect adventure-full weekend. and now we are shifting mental gears to our next big adventure...coming in about 6.5 weeks!

Adam was totally in his element. :)

We found the perfect anchorage...yep, this is where we spent the night. Can you tell this is a happy man? Because this is a very happy man. And a happy baby. And a happy couple. It was an all around happy evening.

Oh sunset...

And this, is what we woke up to. I mean, can you even? Please don't mind my morning hair. But seriously, I was morning person this morning. Have you ever woken up on a sail boat in the middle of a sunrise this beautiful? You should try it. I think you'd be a morning person too.

ps, on the subject of surprises...here is one of adam's and my favorite videos. yes, we've watched it at least 50 times. and yes, we still die. i die just copying the link to this post. enjoy. :)


  1. so happy that yall got to get a way on one last adventure before the BIG adventure!!!

    1. just around the corner...speaking of surprises....


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