one month till you are in my arms!

baby girl,

it’s getting real up in here. you are due one month from today. i am pretty sure i’ve felt each and every one of your sweet body parts in my ribs at one point or another now. you are so stinking strong, my word. and a flipping gymnast too. sometimes when i am sitting at meetings at work i feel like i should apologize for how much my stomach is bouncing around…it’s a bit awkward. but you’re a little bouncing bambina, and you are going to do what you are going to do. and if you want to do back handsprings in there, go for it. whatever it takes to stay healthy and happy.

sometimes i complain to your papa about how you hurt me and make me uncomfortable and keep me from sleeping. and how i am not ready or old enough to be a mom and how i don’t know what i am doing…i hope you don’t hear those things. they are just your mamma having a pity party. and being a scaredy cat. most days i talk about how i can’t wait another day to meet you and how much i love you and how excited i am to get to know you and have you in our family…i hope you do hear those things and know that i couldn’t be more excited to be your mamma.

by they way, you are due on my birthday. i don’t know if i’ve mentioned that to you before. can you believe that God would give me such a precious birthday present? shoot, forget those anthro bags i usually look for. this year my favorite birthday present really got kicked up a notch. or a zillion notches. i hope for your sake that you come on your own day. i don’t want you to have to share with me for your whole life. but i think it’s pretty darn special that you are due when you are. you little mamma's girl, you...

we are getting your nursery all ready. it's almost done. we were lying on the floor in the there the other night thinking about how your little presence will make the room complete, and perfect. we sit in there a lot and think about you. it's by far our favorite room in the house these days. thanks for taking so many ordinary thoughts and days in our lives and making them something so beautiful, already. God only knows what you'll do to our hearts once you are actually in our arms...

we can't wait to meet you. 
one month sweet thing, one month.


  1. hey mama great post! you will be a wonderful mother

    1. thanks. :) good thing i have people like you to learn from!

  2. One month? Craziness! You're going to make a great mother, Elise! I promise that you'll love mommyhood :)

    1. Thanks Rebecca! I am really excited to start getting to know what it's all about!


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