the end of the showers, now for a baby girl.

my sister posted such a lovely blog about the last shower for the little girl, so i’ll direct you there for most of the details and lovely photos. she and two of my other best friends hosted the shower and they did the most lovely job imaginable! we spent all afternoon sipping yummy beverages, eating good food, and crafting with some of my very best friends. and the bambina came out of it with a bazillion adorable headbands and barrettes thanks to the creative minds and hands of my friends. even those who were unsure, had some crazy hidden creativity! i mean, i was amazed!  i loved every minute of the day. and all four of the precious babies in attendance. the fall weather outside somehow made her arrival seem really near too. which i am realizing, it really is.

every new little dress, headband, or swaddle makes me that much more eager to meet the one who will be wearing them. the waiting is starting to get sweeter and somehow more tender the closer it gets.

man, have we nelson girls been spoiled. and man are we behind on thank you notes…

but we are thankful. and they are coming. :)

(all photos courtesy of my lovely sister).

ps, it was so sweet of my sister and her friend Christine to take some bump photos to capture this sweet season for us. excited to share some soon!

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  1. it was my pleasure for all of the above. love you and bambina so mach


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