ok, so you are still in there.

hello my child,

you still doing ok in there? ok, yeah, that's how it seems...

we are still doing pretty well too but it's getting a little harder to wait for you. i know you don't know much about sports yet, but you will. and when you do, you'll understand this analogy a lot better. sometimes we refer to overtime as "free basketball." you know, you pay for the two halves, but then all of the sudden, you get some extra ball. usually at the expense of your mental health because your team missed a few crucial free throws down the stretch or committed a really stupid turnover. anyways, overtime is kind of like being overdue. on one hand we feel like the waiting is driving us crazy, but don't worry. we are also enjoying our free ball...

we went and got a christmas tree. we started prepping some of the thanksgiving dishes. we strung lots of lights and hung your first christmas ornament. we even brought all of our blankets in the living room and camped out under the tree for a night. but every time i feel you do something painful or crazy in there i jump a little and wonder if it's all beginning. 

you have me on my toes, girl.

and your papa too.

and just about everyone else in our lives that keep "checking in" on us.

my nurse gave me one due date (22nd). my midwives gave me another due date (27th). my thought is that God has an entire other due date in mind. and i'm thinking His is the one that's going to count in the end. 

so just hold tight. or come on now. whatever. but just so you know, we are ready, 



love you crazy baby.


  1. sweet post! you are so right, man's due dates are just to give a general idea but the Lord knows for sure. and Lord also knows I just cant wait. but i will. but i cant

  2. love this!!! girl, you know I had Lilly 11 days late and I know how tough it is - but you are awesome and i can't wait to meet your sweet bambina!!!

  3. Beautiful. Little girl is so blessed to have such a graceful and patient mama.... And papa, too!!


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