two weeks with miss firenze.

i am not sure what i thought motherhoood would feel like. i loved being pregnant. i loved the anticipation. now, she's here and i just can't seem to wrap my mind around it. i remember thinking when we brought her home that elise no longer existed. now, it was just florence. my body, my thoughts, my time, my sleep...everything was wrapped up in her new little life now. seriously folks, nothing can prepare you.

yet, even after just two weeks things that seemed crazy and overwhelming have become the norm around here. suddenly i don't think twice about having poop on my hands or baby items covering every surface in my house. taking off my shirt a thousand times a day to feed a little human. being awake in the middle of the night every night. not that these things are always easy, but they have redefined normal. and the new normal is wrapped up in heaps of both delight and fear of completely dying to self.

there are so many quirky little things about life now that are so endearing. like the little dolphin noises she makes when she is starting to stir. or the way she purses her lips and throws her head back when papa blows on her face. or the way that her newborn legs bend like a little yogi and her little bum bum just sticks out so cute-like. and of course that dramatic little cry that comes out of nowhere, when all i can think to do is starting talking to her in my most dramatic sounding italian. oh fireeeennnze!!!

some days it still feels like the world might end. and others i feel totally in love with this new life i am living. i am guessing this is normal, and i'm just riding the roller coaster along with every other new mamma. but at the end of every day, good or bad, i have this little precious to look at and love.

here's to two weeks of our new life. the one where we get to fall in love with miss florence ruth over and over again every minute. ti vogliamo bene, firenze. 

ps, thanks to my lovely sister for taking these photos while she was visiting this week!


  1. She is beautiful elise! I love that picture of you guys looking at each other. You are doing such a great job with her - and i think the roller coaster of ups and down are part of the rites into motherhood so you are right where you are supposed to be :)

    1. thanks christine! i'm glad to know the ups and downs are normal. but even the downs are still so special...even if they are exhausting. thanks for the encouragement!


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