christmas round-up.

now that it is officially the new year i figured i should probably go ahead and post about our first christmas as a family of three. i remember when my sister told us last christmas that she was pregnant we all started daydreaming about a cozy christmas in north carolina all together with a new baby. oh how sweet it sounded! never did we imagine that there would be TWO babies by christmas. and two baby girls, at that. wow this year took some beautifully unexpected turns. :)

adam's parents came to visit the whole week of christmas and his sister and brother in-law arrived the morning after christmas and are with us until saturday. we had one full day of overlap with my parents and siblings and his parents and sister--all the girls went to high tea at the washington duke while all the men played golf. what great fun it is to have so many loved ones in one place!!

there were so many highlights this christmas, i don't know how to share them all. i'll let these photos do most of the talking. but what a joy it was to celebrate the hope and love of christ's birth with new itty bitty lives of our own. it's funny how such little people can make just about anything exponentially more meaningful. i must say, there was a lot of love floating around this christmas. and a lot of kisses on sweet little baby lips. and cheeks. and everywhere.

florence loves her grammas. how content does she look in this photo?

the baby girls wore matching christmas dresses for christmas eve church at the DPAC. oh how they'll thank us for this later. :)

the girlies getting ready for bed on their first christmas eve!

we had a yummy pancake breakfast before heading over to mom and dad's on christmas morning. florence was eyeing granny's pancakes...girl after my own heart.

continuing the matching christmas pj tradition with the baby girls. overboard? who cares. it was precious.

these two together are too much for my heart. i love them so stinking much! what is better than christmas baby cousins in matching jammies? um, nothing.

i hope your christmas was filled with joy and sweetness too. and a very happy new year to you!! (a little late...) :)

ps, most of these photos were taken by my sister who somewhere along the way became our family photographer. thanks sis!


  1. This is so sweet - they are going to be the best of friends growing up :-) You have such a darling family Elise!

    1. Thanks Mia! We sure hope they'll be best best friends! Haha, sometimes we convince ourselves that they already are. :)

  2. this was a really special Christmas and i loved spending so much time with you and petitey

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