florence, two months.

oh my girl, how are you two months old already? look how big you've grown! you are so alert now. you smile at your papa and me all the time. and you chat like you've got a million things to say. you are sleeping like a champion too, which we just love you all the more for! how is it possible that i've known you such a short time? i can't imagine not having you.

you are kind of a mess kid. you spit up a lot, get the hiccups several times a day, and you make drool bubbles like a little fish. when you eat, you get milk all over your face and all over me. as soon as we change your diaper you thank us by pooping immediately in the clean one. which is super fun since every diaper you poop in is a diaper mamma gets to wash.

when you sleep, we are convinced that you are an angel. we sneak in and stare at you sleeping together. we both have to cover our mouths to keep from laughing and gushing over how sweet you are. your little hand twitches like you are signing "yes." or shaking your fist at us in your sleep ("don't you dare wake me up guys...or else"). and you snore a little too. oh my word, you angel.

goodness, you can fuss with the best of them too though. sometimes you'll be smiling one minute and wailing the next. sometimes our heads spin trying to figure out what life changing moment took place in that instant when you went from your highest high to your lowest low. sometimes we all call you "frenzy" because of moments like these. your pappa j especially loves this nickname--he asks "how is little frenzy doing today?" a lot. it makes me laugh. you are a little mystery.

you are 10.5 lbs now and 22.5 inches long. you have a big head too! making it really hard for mamma to put cute bows and headbands on your head without you fussing. you love your hats though, which works this time of year.

this morning when i woke you up and fed you, you smiled and smiled and i could have snuggled you in that moment forever. we love you so much, our bambina.

you've changed us in these two short months, you really have. xoxo.


  1. a few thoughts...
    1. ridiculously cute ear warmer
    2. she is NOT two months old already
    3. you are doing a great job
    4 watching baby sleep is one of the best things about being a mama. partly cause they are SO cute and partly cause they are asleep!!!

  2. she's such a beauty. and the truth is, having not met her yet, I don't even know a fraction of it! I cant wait to get to know her, and to see you and Adam as parents.


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