friendly, rainy weekend.

happy monday everyone! i hope you had a beautiful and relaxing weekend. ours was full of rain and tornado warnings, but also two super awesome friends coming to visit from virginia. one of my very best friends jen came to visit and brought her man with her too! is there anything better than seeing your baby girl in the arms of your best friends? it's right near the very top of the list of things that melt my heart. due to the icky weather we spent most of our time indoors. luckily fullsteam was still brewing beer and the nfl playoffs were in full swing. (go hawks!) indoors or outdoors, good friends make for great weekends. :)

(beer flights, football, and fullsteam!)

(so nervous at the end of the hawks game she couldn't even watch.)

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  1. 1. jen is holding frenzy's head so cute in that photo
    2. i can't believe you went back to FS, i thought we had decided to boycott them.
    3. i love that she had a wubanub in a bar...


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