so i did this crazy thing...


i had a baby.
i started back at work.
and then i decided to go ahead and start another business too.

then my pastor preached a sermon on busyness…huh. so please no one tell him.

but i want to tell you about an exciting new endeavor in my life! for a little while i have been considering joining the team at a company that i love and adore, called arbonne.

arbonne is a swiss company that makes the most stinking-awesome skincare, cosmetic, and nutrition products ever ever. i tend to believe that you shouldn’t put icky things on your body that you wouldn’t put in your body. and in arbonne, i found a fellow believer in that theory…well actually thousands of fellow believers! they make botanical based products that are completely free of harmful chemicals that most products here in the great u-s-of-a are chalked full of. but equally exciting, they make products that WORK. i sampled their products before i ever considered being part of their team and i was like “woahhh, what IS this stuff?” seriously, it made my skin glow. and it felt so good to put on. like kale but for my outsides! i was an arbonne believer and after awhile started thinking about joining the effort myself.

arbonne has everything from anti-aging skincare lines, shampoos, and spa products, to yummy protein shakes and detox cleanses. oh, and their makeup! this, coming from a girl who has never been a big wearer of cosmetic anything. it’s incredible folks. gosh it makes my skin look beautiful.

ok, so i’ll stop. but i just had to tell you the good news. i am sure i’ll be blogging more about our products here…maybe even giving away some stuff occasionally (could get crazy!). but seriously, if you want to hear more about any of it, or want to hear how you can get some sweet deals on products, feel free to let me know! i’d love to tell you lots lots more!

cheers for arbonne! and cheers for healthy skin. :)


  1. yay!! so excited for you! i got my first arbonne product for christmas - i got their eye cream and i love it so far!

    1. that's wonderful! I love that stuff too. let me know if you want to try anything else out. i could recommend so many things. or if you want to host and get free stuff. :)

  2. This is awesome news Elise! Congrats - starting a business is exciting!

    1. Thanks girl! I'd love to tell you all about it!!


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