oh how good it feels.

so this arbonne thing has caught me quite by surprise. when i first began i knew i loved the products. i knew i admired the company's philosophy and commitment to being pure, safe, and beneficial. i knew i felt safe putting it on my skin, which is hard to say of most products these days. so i thought i knew a lot, but it turns out i knew very little.

since joining i've discovered that arbonne is a company made up of amazing teams of women who have servant hearts and great passion. they share the common belief that we should make healthy choices and take care of our bodies. that we shouldn't take the easy way out but. that our bodies are temples and that we should be careful about what we put in and on them. that it really does make a difference.

i didn't realize that arbonne would become more than a business to me. it's a network of other, rather incredible, like-minded women. i couldn't be more grateful to be a part of it. and to get to share it with other women too.

last weekend my sister and i played with arbonne products together a lot...when we weren't playing with our babies. adam is enjoying using the men's line too. getting to share this stuff with my family and friends, and even strangers, is such a joy. i feel like it's a little gift every time i can help someone find something awesome to try that will make their skin more healthy and beautiful!

here are a few of my favorite fun facts about arbonne:

-in the EU there are thousands of banned ingredients for skincare products. this is because there are lots of things that should never touch our skin. in the US there are about ten. (gasp, i know). arbonne adheres to the strict EU standards and makes products that are pure, safe, and beneficial. also, they did this before it was cool to be "natural."

-arbonne formulates without mineral oil. mineral oil is basically just a nice sounding name for a by-product of gasoline production. yep, it's petroleum waste. and it's in nearly all skincare products in the US. we put gasoline on our skin? seriously? (can you say carcinogen?) and we are ok with that? it's also what we make baby oil with. eeew. not for florence, thank you very much.

-beacuase arbonne is botanically based, their skincare lines contain things like strawberries, mango, citrus, chickpeas, and even pumpkin. in fact, my mascara actually smells like roses. now that sounds like stuff i'd like to put on my skin...or in my tummy. which i guess is the point!

-their products work. my skin has never looked or felt better. ever ever. they outperform pretty much all competitors in independent studies. turns out if you put healthy things on your skin, it thanks you by looking awesome. go figure.

are you bored yet? i could go on...but maybe i won't. 
for now. :)
let me know if you'd like to give arbonne a try! i think you might just fall in love with it. 

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  1. well i for one love it and can't wait to have more!!!!


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