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one of my favorite poets, kahlil gibran, once wrote about the interplay between reason and passion in life. he offered that they are like the sails and the rudder of a ship. 

both necessary, neither sufficient. 
but save one, and you can’t move. 
save one, and the other is made futile. 

he said when you sit “among the hills” there will be times of peace and serenity, and that these times should offer a picture of resting in reason. and when there are mighty winds and majestic thunder, it should be a picture of moving in passion.

this interplay is a reality in my life, and isn't it in all of ours? this blog is a place to share the things i am forced to reason with (and hopefully find people who will reason through them with me!) a place to share the things i am passionate about (and hopefully find people who are passionate about them too!)

you'll find some silly, and some serious. some random thoughts, and some things i think a lot about. you'll find things i'm passionate about like food, my family, duke basketball, and global health. and some things that i struggle with or don't understand. 


here is an account of ways in which life requires me to rest in reason, and move in passion…as i live among the hills.

thanks for reading. feel free to leave comments! and visit often. :)

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