that time florence turned six months and then I didn’t blog again for a month…

and then she was seven months.
and that’s basically the end of that story.

between my job at duke, my arbonne business, my seven month old (see above) and the 100 other things that are constantly in orbit around my tired head, i rarely have time to post on this abandoned space of mine anymore. i would apologize and say i’ll try harder, but to be honest i am not sure that i can. but ok, i'll try harder. i think.

but today i have a second. so today, i write!

i could write about florence turning seven months. i mean, literally i could write every day about how she’s changed since the day before. no two days are the same when you are growing at ten times the speed of light. one thing of note, she is finally starting to fill out and officially has TWO legs rolls now, albeit small ones. but to be honest, y’all probably just want to see pictures more than read a bunch of mushy gushy mamma love. and that’s all i have to offer on the topic of florence right now so….

what i will write about is this: during the past 5 months i have been working two jobs and trying desperately to spend as much time as that allows with my baby girl. and one crazy and unideal thing about the world of grant funded research is that grants run out. and research teams have to find new grants or new jobs. soooo fun right? well our grant is ending and so starting tomorrow i will be unemployed by duke and home with my baby until God (hopefully asap) opens up the next door for me. it’s scary because, well, bills. (and mortgage and groceries and…you know, the basic things that kind of require income). but i am trying hard to not allow the fear of finances take away from this unexpected extra time with my SWEETHEART, which ideally i could afford to have a lot more of. J so if you were wondering what’s going on with us over here, there you have it! unemployment! arbonne! and a 10 day dose of the west coast starting thursday evening! 

anyways, one way that God has provided for us in the most unexpectedly beautiful way in this season-of-surprise-child (and therefore surprise expenses behind every door) is through arbonne. that’s right i said arbonne again. but seriously, one of these days i am going to share just what it’s done for us and how pretty amazingly-crazy-awesome it’s been. but not today because it is deserving of it’s own post, for sure. but hopefully it will happen before florence is eight months. which will basically be tomorrow.

 love you all!!!

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