full of surprises.

for some reason, we knew it was a boy. we had the name chosen. we even had a few baby boy clothes sitting in the nursery. we knew that after having six sisters and no brothers, surely adam's first born would be a son. 

and yet…

she isn't a boy at all. she's a wiggly, smiley little bambina. and we just want her in our arms this very minute. full of surprises this little one is so far. can’t wait for so many more sweet surprises that being her parents will bring.

now to choose a name!

ps, a favorite blogger of mine posted this hilarious geico commercial last wednesday. adam and i can’t get enough. happy happy hump day everyone!


trying to blog about pregnancy.

tomorrow we find out some big news about this bambino/bambina kicking around inside of me. namely, whether it is a bambino or bambina! 

i can’t believe we are this far along in the process already. and i realize that i haven’t shared nearly as much as i thought i might share about this pregnancy. in the past four months, i’ve been experiencing a flood of new excitement, fears, questions, and moments of “how is this beautiful thing even possible?”--down right awe. but, i’ve also felt more private about these experiences than i thought i would. so i’ve had trouble deciding how and what to share about all the things changing in our lives as this little baby grows. it’s been the most joyous and intimate season of our lives. 

plus, i figure:

one. if you've been pregnant you can probably imagine how i’ve felt physically. how grateful i am for bowel movements. how many naps my body begs for each day. and how everything stops when you think you feel a flutter.

two. if you've ever seen anyone who is pregnant, you can probably imagine exactly how my body is changing too. it’s growing. and rearranging. and totally revolving around keeping this child happy and healthy. yes i am growing a bump and all that normal stuff.

three. i’m not special or different from every other woman who has ever gone through this.

but i do want to write, and remember, and share some things about this time too. so i am thinking of ways to retain the intimacy of this experience, and still document and share some of the joy and important memories along the way! hope this all makes sense.

thanks for being such sweet readers. :)

ps, did you become more reserved about things when you were pregnant? usually, i just share it all here. and with this, that’s harder for me. did you love sharing every symptom/photo/kick with the world? or were you more private about it? guess this age of facebook/blog makes things so different! 


can't resist a pnw summer.

everyone seems to be posting about summer plans lately. and honestly, this summer has already been a bit of a mental hurdle for me. it’s the first summer of my life that i am working straight through the whole season. no summer break? what has my life turned into? especially as we anticipate all of the changes ahead, i’m feeling like i could use a couple of weeks to just relax, sit in the sun, nurse my tomatoes that are trying so hard to grow…and not get eaten by rabbits.

growing up we always traveled from washington, out to the east coast for most of the summer. we’d visit family, eat a lot of watermelon, and have contests to see who had the most mosquito bites at the end of each day. now we live on the east coast and the vacation we get to look forward to this summer is a trip back to washington for a week. it’s like my life has been reversed.

we haven’t spent a week back home during the “sunny season”* in years. 

*several days scattered throughout the later part of june to the very beginning of september. occasionally some of these days occur in succession for a week or so…

have you ever been to the northwest? got any plans to go anytime soon? lately, we've been  meeting a lot of people out here in nc who have recently been or are planning to head out to the pnw for a little vacay. here are a few of the things we are most looking forward to doing while home, (and some fun things to do for anyone who is planning a trip!):

-sailing, boating, kayaking, just get us on the water!!!
-hiking in the cascades or the olympics or both! so many mountains to choose from!
-hanging out in seattle. pike place market with some good company on a sunny day, it never gets old.
-going to opening game in the huskies’ new stadium, against boise state. adam is only a little bit excited about this one…
-maybe try to catch an M's game.
-the local boys. please have some rainier cherries for us trev!
-picking wild blackberries and eating our weight in cobbler.

-and of course hanging out with our family and friends who we miss so much! hopefully this will include seeing all six of adam’s sisters at some point. (please!) we are excited to finally get to share a part of this season of our lives with our family and friends back home. and to introduce the babe to where it's roots are. 

so, do y'all have any fun summer plans? visting family? friends? weddings galore??  


little miss's shower.

my little niecey-poo is less than two months away now, and we finally got to throw her a little party on saturday. this will be our family's first grandchild and my little bambino/a's best friend for life. and she's a girl so you can only imagine all the googling and awwwing over every little gift that my sister opened on saturday. why do little girl's clothes just make you want to squeal?

man this girlie is loved already.

and considering how many "flutters" i was feeling while in virginia for the shower, i think the babe pretty much adores its cousin already. can't wait for them to meet in the fall!!

one of our fun games taught women how to birth ping pong balls out of balloons. and don't we all feel a little more prepared for it?
one of the two precious baby girls in attendance. kind of...
the preggo hosts with the preggo mamma.
and cousins to be!!
the lovely ladies who celebrated with us.

how was your weekend? any sweet babies to celebrate? 

ps, photos by martha, christine, and me!


letters i wrote, two and three.

april 11, 2013
(~8 weeks) 

yesterday we took you to your first concert. it was one of our favorite bands. and as we walked through downtown durham, past all the little shops and restaurants, we realized, this is the town you are going to grow up in. these are the streets that we’ll go strolling down as a family. we are pretty sure we already know where we’ll be taking you for your first scoop (after you've developed a strong preference for healthy food of course…). it was amazing how different it was to think of a town as “our town” versus “the town where we’ll have a family.”

it got me thinking about what you’ll be like. people in durham are all so different. we've definitely got an eclectic mix around here. will you be an athlete? we can take you to the durham bulls. you might really love baseball, like us. will you be a duke fan? (well, yes, of course you will be, but…) will you prefer art or math and science? there are lots of both kind of folks around here. but you don’t have to like either. you can like history or politics or hula hooping. 

i am already eager to know how much of your papa you’ll have in you. i hope you have a heap of him in you. he is my favorite man in the world. the amazing thing is, God already knows all of this. He is knitting you together. He is shaping your heart and your soul and He knows just what you’ll be like. and just how perfectly you’ll fill the gaps in our lives with your personality.

we love you so much already. your papa kisses you every morning. his whiskers tickle my belly but i let him do it anyway because i love how much he loves you. every little thing that we don’t know about you yet, we love.

april 18, 2013
(~9 weeks)

i feel like i finally met you today. in the tiniest way. we went to the nurse this morning and she put the little spotlight right on you. and boy did you love it. you were wiggling around and your little heart was pounding out of your chest. we couldn't believe how fast it thump thump thumped. never has a sound put me more at ease than hearing your little heart beat. it made my heart pitter-patter and my eyes get teary…ok, they were fulls tears. i couldn't help it. you are real. i didn't really 100% believe it until today.

how certain can we be after two tests? and a missed period? and some gnarly symptoms?

but today i felt very sure. as soon as you popped up on that screen. all nine weeks of you.

my oh my. there just aren't words.

we got to leave with a few photos of you. we texted them to your family immediately. you look like a little gummy bear. a very snuggly little gummy bear, i hope. i have never felt so proud and so completely undeserving all at once.

your papa could have stared at you on that camera all day. i’m surprised he didn't ask if we could just bring the machine home. oh wait, he did. i think he is pretty proud of you too. of that strong little heartbeat and your gummy bear stature.

and i think you have his noggin. :)

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