how a vegetarian grills out.

ok, so here is a million dollar question:

what do you do with a husband who loves to grill when you became vegetarians last year?

now that the sunshine is out, adam is eyeing his little weber friend more and more. he keeps asking me "hey can i grill something tonight?!!"

and i'm like "sure,

here's some broccoli?"

adam is a legit griller. he's got some skills. and i hate to see all that excitement squelched by my inability to think of creative vegetarian meals to grill. they must exist right??

we've grilled exactly twice this year so far:

1. portobello mushrooms and some store-bought veggie burgers (they were ok).

2. and homemade pizza (very yum).

but it's not going to be another day or two before he is asking me for something else to throw on that thing. i need some help! even those of you who eat meat must have some good ideas for vegetarian grilling. i've done some good googling on this topic. which has left me determined to learn to make a great black bean + chic pea burger of sorts. but other than that, i'm kind of at a loss.

any ideas for fun vegetarian meals for the grill? is this an entirely too-tall order?? told you it was a million dollar question.

ps, pizza made with this gf crust!


i can't sit still in spring!

the sun and warmth have returned to durham, nc and i've been spending a lot more time outside than inside/on my computer/blog (which you might have noticed). sorry! but, oh it's just so hard to sit still in the spring! in attempt to cram a lot into one post, here are some photos of what we've been up to lately. :)

exploring durham and going to our first concert at the dpac.

rooting on the durham bulls and getting our spring grill on with some portobellos and veggie burgers. yum!!

hanging with some favorite friends/family in VA. chilling with my sister and little neicey-poo who is kicking a lot these days. doesn't my sister look ah-maz-ing?

and of course! showering my best friend for her wedding. even though i don't actually have any pictures of her at the shower. but there is my other bestie jen. and isn't she so cute/pretty/adorable?

what does spring have you busy with? 



what i think i am like, is not always what i'm like.

this may sound strange,

but lately i've discovered that there is often a gap between what i think my personality is and what it really is. 

you know, 
i think i'm really sweet / but then i say something from some not sweet place and i'm like, eww.
i think i'm really tidy / but then i realize i haven't unpacked from last weekend and it's friday.
i think i'm really hygienic / but then i fall asleep without brushing my teeth on occasion (ick).

but here is one that i just can't figure out:
i think i am really friendly / but then i'm sometimes really awkward and painstakingly shy.

and sometimes i am so shy / awkward that i can't do the friendly thing no matter how badly i want to. and other times i feel like i could be friendly to anyone or everyone. i honestly can't tell which is more natural. and it frustrates me when either extreme gets the best of me. i have noticed my tendencies toward shyness to be resurfacing lately. and it's not okay with me!!! i never want to miss opportunities to show kindness or make a new friend because i'm being a big baby. 

when i was young and SUPER shy my mom used to tell me "if you are too shy, people will mistake it as snooty or standoffish. and you are neither. so try to be friendly even if you feel shy." and at some point i think i just buckled down and decided to by golly be a friendly person. even if it takes an extra bit of courage. 

anyone else like this? how i admire those super outgoing folks who never shy away from an opportunity to say hi or show friendliness. it's still hard for me on occasion. but it feels so good to be friendly even when it's awkward / hard. and not just when it's easy. we are all just so human. so why be shy!


parlour has landed. hooray!

durham has done it again. our favorite food truck in town finally opened up their store, last week. there have been lots of efforts among the durhamites and other small businesses to get this treat of an ice cream truck into a real parlour. it is a niche that has been needing to be filled for a long time around this place. we've got cupcake stores, popcicle stores, and bakeries galore. but we have been lacking a good old local ice cream spot. and it's beautiful to see what a couple of entrepreneurs and a whole lot of love from the town can do. adam and i went sunday night to check it out.

parlour, we've been fans for awhile, and we are so excited to have a much needed ice cream home base. and to not have to chase around your truck in order to indulge in your ridiculously amazing creations. here here! just in time for all this sunshine. :)

ps, according to southern living durham is officially the tastiest town in the south. yessiree!


a (finally) spring weekend.

this weekend was a good weekend. yes, we spent it in charlottesville. and we got to celebrate one of the happiest kinds of celebrations--a wedding! hardly anything brings me more joy than seeing two people who love God experience the sweetness of starting a life together. it always takes me back...especially this one, since it was held at the church where adam and i sealed the deal. :)

plus, it seems spring has finally arrived. again i say, finally. and what better way to start it off than a springy wedding, complete with lemonade, corn hole, and photo booths? and some of my favorite friends ever...

how have you been kicking off spring? has it finally started to bloom and warm up where you live too? oh this season, it just makes me happy!!


it's me. really.

oh hi!

remember me?


thank you for allowing me the two week hiatus from blogging that i just thoroughly enjoyed. i hate to do it, but then again, it's so good. i feel like i have hardly spent anytime on this little macky-book in the past couple of weeks, and what a cleansing it has been.

now, to be honest, i've also been feeling icky, really busy watching basketball, and going through an audit of our research study at work(!!!), so it wasn't one-hundred percent intentional. but i sure embraced it. i loved evenings of just sitting and chatting with friends, with adam, reading, journaling, and going to bed earlier.

oh, and not mention following through on my last post: i've talked to my friends on the phone more (even just for snippets). i had a video chat with three of my best friends all at once (including my germany gal). and i even had time to skype with my in-laws. woop woop!

but i couldn't stay away from y'all forever. :) 

nope, i love it here.

soooo, that said, i am actually going to leave you with a special little treat of a video that one of my favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard, posted today. it has got to be one of the sweetest moments ever recorded. eeeeeks! enjoy! xo.

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