a room for the little miss.

as mentioned before, i have had all sorts of trouble getting my mind around the nursery. maybe it’s just strange to be putting a room together for a family member who we’ve never met. or the pressure that it needs to be super cute and adorable like every other mother seems to be able to do. or that i don’t like very girlie colors/things but i don’t want her to have a super masculine room either. or maybe it’s that i have zero vision for design and a small budget? probably a combination of all of the above?

either way, i really put off thinking about it. but recently i got my mother-self into gear to create a place for this little person to live. and i am actually pretty excited about it. i found some bedding i am seriously crazy about at land of nod, which my mom gave us as a shower gift. my favorite part: it wasn’t all matchy-matchy. i don’t like things too matchy. it makes me dizzy. so a miss-matchy set was a dream come true.

then i looked forever for affordable wallpaper for an accent wall. sadly, i learned there is no such thing as affordable wallpaper (at least if you are as picky as I am). luckily, some unaffordable wallpaper was on sale for about 1/3 of its original price, making it still ridiculous, but just about affordable! it also happened to be PERFECT. so now we have that.

we’ve re-purposed my college dresser and lamp (which looking back, kind of always looked like they belonged in a kids room…) and suddenly we are several steps closer. the last big thing we decided was wall color—which was easier said than done but we finally picked, and are in love. adam painted it this weekend and it looks like a whole new space. (also, it's not at all the yellow that is shown below as the background. but it is very yellow!)

i am kind of nervous to share our “concept board” because like i said…not a design person here. but I am braving it. this is the look we are going for!

now if only we can take this collage and make it into an awesome room for the bambina.

thank goodness for handyman husband who got a good start on it this weekend!

i’ll share pictures of the final product…whenever that happens.

happy monday! how was your weekend? did it involve any fun house projects? fall adventures? lots of football (go hawks!!!!)?


i've been getting showered.

to be honest, i haven’t spent much time on my computer lately. i have gotten ridiculously behind on emails. until yesterday, i hadn’t blogged in weeks. and really, i don’t care all that much. i kinda love not spending time in front of a screen when my favorite season is beginning, i have a wonderful husband to hang with, and i have lots to do to get ready for little miss who is coming soon. but i’ve also been showered with generosity, twice now, and i just can’t help but share all the love that people have shown me in the past couple of weeks.

when we were back in washington earlier this month, one of my mom’s best friends threw me my first baby shower. then, last weekend two of my dearest friends here threw me another one! i can’t lie, showers overwhelm me a little. all that attention and everyone talking about this child that i am supposedly going to have and take care of and be a mother to…huh? so, that kind of boggles my mind. and then suddenly i am opening all of these miniature versions of things. all kinds of things, but in miniature. and they are going to be in my house and someone miniature enough to use them will also be living here. more boggling of mind. but beyond all of those crazy overwhelming emotions, i’ve loved celebrating a new life; one particularly dear to me. so showers are wonderful, after all. and all three of the ladies who threw these went out of their way to show me and bambina here, so much love.

here are some of my favorite snaps from the events! and yes, i wore the same dress to both. i happen to love the dress. it fits. it's comfortable. and i am pregnant. so i wore it both times!

the wa shower host! love you rene!
some of the friends that came to celebrate in wa!
i loved having my niece at the shower in nc! 
eden was getting all kinds of love. as expected. :)
the lovely hosts in nc. counting on these two to help me with this whole mamma business. :)

rene, karen, and adrienne—how grateful i am for you and your amazing friendships. i am so glad that you are the kind of women that this little lady will get to be around and learn from! thank you so much!


one of those talents i don't have.

there are so many people in my life who have those superpowers talents that are so opposite from mine. do you have friends like that? one of our dear friends jen has an amazing one! and we are just lucky enough to always reap the benefits of her talented self. jen has the most amazing vision for design. i mean, it’s a serious gift. i wish i could fly her out here and have her go to town on the nursery (which has been a slow process for this very non design-oriented mind…). anyways, whenever we are home she throws a beautiful dinner party and we get to be wowed all over again. and feel like vip for the night!

some friends just get together and everyone brings a dish and you sit around a semi-set table / maybe a football game. (trust me, i love that scene too!)

but that's not so much what it's like when we go to the jones’ for dinner. jen always creates some beautifully themed tablescape and dinner that whisks you away to some gorgeous place and makes you feel like a movie star. you think i’m exaggerating, i’m sure. 

but, this last one was one of my favorites ever. one of our other dear friends, shasta, is also expecting a little girl (one week after us) and so the theme of the party was celebrating the two little girls. (hence all the "n"s and "k"s for nelson and kelley). the perfect pacific northwest night and a table set by the water didn't hurt either…

but seriously, check this out!

what is a talent a you secretly wish you had? this kind of thing is definitely mine!

ps, most of these pictures were also taken by jen. :)


a few things you should know about your parents.

lil' bambina,

i've been thinking. and there are a few things you should know about your parents before you arrive.

let's start with papa:
he has a lot of women in his life…family that is. he learned how to treat a woman well from an early age. he even gets better at it all the time. with you, it will probably come entirely naturally to him. he tells me that he can’t wait to see you giggle and just snuggle you on his chest. which is basically my favorite thing to imagine, ever. it may be a long time before you fully understand how lucky you are to have him as a dad. at which point, you should try to find a man who will be that kind of dad to your kids. wow, that’s a crazy thought. let’s not go there yet, actually.

he may throw you in an opti before you feel ready—he’ll want you to get over your fear of the water at a young age. you’ll probably be scared your first time or two, but i know he’ll stay close by to make sure you feel safe. and i’ll insist you wear a full-body life jacket to make sure you are safe. seeing you sailing for the first time—that will be a proud moment for him. even if you capsize like your mamma did her first time. it’s cool. i’ll panic, and freak out. but it’s cool.

the littlest things make your papa happy. quality time might be his biggest love language. so just be sure to always give him some good quality father-daughter time. whether it’s bath times, diaper changes, or little dates with him as you get older (make him take you for ice cream…he’ll never say no! it’s a family policy). trust me, you’ll never regret spending time on daddy-daughter dates. of all the memories, they will always be some of the sweetest.

and as for me,

i like to understand situations--the what, why, how, who. i like to know why people thought or did certain things. maybe this is because i want all things to be rational (ha). sometimes this can be frustrating for me...and others. there will probably be a lot about you i don't fully understand at first, but by golly will i be trying hard. i am already praying that i have patience when things are just down right confusing to me. or when i have no idea what you are trying to tell me. or when i think your baby self is acting irrational...please, have patience with me too.

i love to snuggle. so so much. i have since i was born. so i am really hoping you are a snuggler too. just tell me if you think i ever take mandatory mamma-daughter snuggle time too far--we can try to arrange something that works for both of us. but in all seriousness, one of my greatest love languages in physical touch--particularly in the form of snuggles! i just think you should be aware of that.

the most important thing you should know about us is that we love Jesus. a lot. i hope you can tell that from the beginning. although i know there will be days where it sure doesn't show. we want to teach you about Him and how much He loves you and everything He has done for you...but it will take time to understand it all. just know it will always be ok to have questions. to ask questions. to doubt things. and to spend time working through it all. you don't have to love Him because i do. or because your dad does. or because anyone tells you you should. but we do hope (with everything in us) that you do come to love Him. it's pretty hard not to once you know Him. and once you know how very very very much He loves you. i pray for this every single day. and i think i always will. it's a mamma thing. you'll understand someday too.

so there's just a little bit about us. 
i hope you are cool with us being your parents. 
we are pretty stoked that you are our daughter. 
and can we please meet you already??? just kidding, you should probably stay in there for another 10 weeks or so.

*photo by earthen vessels.


where my mind is this monday...

gosh, well didn't our time home fly by way too quickly? how we miss that beautiful place already. i am excited to share more about our time in washington last week after i put a dent in unpacking, thank you note writing, and catching up on a week of work. but in the meantime...

here are just a few of my favorite snaps from the trip. :)

happy monday everyone! 

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