a room for the little miss.

as mentioned before, i have had all sorts of trouble getting my mind around the nursery. maybe it’s just strange to be putting a room together for a family member who we’ve never met. or the pressure that it needs to be super cute and adorable like every other mother seems to be able to do. or that i don’t like very girlie colors/things but i don’t want her to have a super masculine room either. or maybe it’s that i have zero vision for design and a small budget? probably a combination of all of the above?

either way, i really put off thinking about it. but recently i got my mother-self into gear to create a place for this little person to live. and i am actually pretty excited about it. i found some bedding i am seriously crazy about at land of nod, which my mom gave us as a shower gift. my favorite part: it wasn’t all matchy-matchy. i don’t like things too matchy. it makes me dizzy. so a miss-matchy set was a dream come true.

then i looked forever for affordable wallpaper for an accent wall. sadly, i learned there is no such thing as affordable wallpaper (at least if you are as picky as I am). luckily, some unaffordable wallpaper was on sale for about 1/3 of its original price, making it still ridiculous, but just about affordable! it also happened to be PERFECT. so now we have that.

we’ve re-purposed my college dresser and lamp (which looking back, kind of always looked like they belonged in a kids room…) and suddenly we are several steps closer. the last big thing we decided was wall color—which was easier said than done but we finally picked, and are in love. adam painted it this weekend and it looks like a whole new space. (also, it's not at all the yellow that is shown below as the background. but it is very yellow!)

i am kind of nervous to share our “concept board” because like i said…not a design person here. but I am braving it. this is the look we are going for!

now if only we can take this collage and make it into an awesome room for the bambina.

thank goodness for handyman husband who got a good start on it this weekend!

i’ll share pictures of the final product…whenever that happens.

happy monday! how was your weekend? did it involve any fun house projects? fall adventures? lots of football (go hawks!!!!)?


  1. i love this room and think its perfect for baby N!!!

    1. thanks! can't wait to see it all done and ready for her. :)


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