the things i'm noticing about you.

florence ruth,

life has been happening so fast that i've hardly had time to notice it all. i have been trying to take little snippets of time lately to work on that. to work on noticing more. noticing all the little things that i just adore about you, your sweet self, and your stinking-hilarious personality.

you are almost ten months but you still cry every time you hear sudden laughter. which makes everyone laugh. which makes you cry more. you giggle so hard your eyes water sometimes. but if anyone else laughs, you get so upset. we aren’t laughing at you girl. we just think you are the cutest thing. (because you are the cutest thing).

you smile so big every single time you sneeze. there's not a feeling in the world you love more than a good sneeze. except for getting your diaper changed. you let us know just how much you love this by fussing 75% of the time we change you. and then there is the 25% of the time when you smile and giggle during the process. which encourages us to forge on with diaper changes. i think they are worth it honey.

you love to dance and bounce your booty to any brightly colored plastic musical toy that you can get your hands on. talk about something that makes me smile. my little white girl shaking her thang. it’s a beautiful sight.

whenever you are around older babies you watch. you love to watch, observe, and then jump in. cautious but courageous, you are. you will climb the stairs just because your best friend lily did. or crawl around after your cousin eden. you are not about to miss out on the fun. but you like to stop and smell the roses too. you move fast, but the smallest thing will stop you in your tracks and draw you in. gah, i love it.

you like to point at things. and wave at things. and poke and pick at things. your little pointer finger gets a lot of work on an average day. and when you aren't point, pick, or poking you are chewing...on everything!

you have two little teeth in the bottom of your smile...and yes you may have anything you want.

oh my gracious and have i mentioned yet that you recently learned to kiss? you like to kiss with your whole mouth. some might call it eating your mamma’s face off. but i call it a smoochy. and i couldn’t get enough smoochies in a day if i tried.

and PRAISE the good LORD, but i think my little girl has finally full-heartedly inherited her mamma’s snuggle-gene. around nine months you caught on to the fact that snuggling all cozy-like in your mamma’s arms is indeed the best feeling in the world. and you do it before every nap, before every bedtime, and sometimes just because (what??!!). i am high right now just thinking about it. if it were possible to have anything be better than your smoochies, it would be your snuggles.

your hair is long enough for pigtails now, but i can't bring myself to do it because i'm legitimately afraid that i might explode. but it's happening soon, just so you know.

baby girl, i could never put you on paper.
i could never write you in a letter, even though i try.
you are just too much.
my heart literally grows every day.


(smoochies and snuggles)

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