No expectations

I signed in today and actually had to reorient myself with how google blogger works. That's how long it's been since I've visited this corner of my universe. I gasped when I saw the pictures of Florence in the last post and tried to remember what that little girl sounded like, smelled like, and felt like snuggled in my lap. I couldn't. I've already forgotten so much, but I'm so busy trying to climb inside her little toddler world and get to know the little lady she's becoming, that I've come to terms with the fact that stages go quickly and there is no way to bottle it matter how hard you try or how many instas you gram. As my dear friend Brett likes to say, "babies don't keep." No, they don't. And speaking of...

I HAVE A NEW BABY SINCE I LAST BLOGGED. (And he's already not keeping).

In fact, I was pregnant with him for 9 months, brought him into this lovely Spring world, and have kept two kids alive for almost 4 weeks since I last blogged.

So why am I here? I'm not entirely sure except that today I had an overwhelming desire to crack this book back open and try to put some thoughts to pen again.

Honestly, I don't know whether I'll be writing every week, every month, or whether I will basically peace out after this post and write in another year and half. As the title of the post suggests, I have very few expectations of myself these days when it comes to a lot of things...and especially when it comes to this blog. But here's to taking it off the shelf and blowing off the dust at least...perhaps just to gather dust again on my coffee table (along with the pacifier, tubs of playdough, baby socks, dirty diapers, empty tea cups...)

Cheers to being back!

PS, I included an obligatory cute photo because if there is one thing I remember it's that it doesn't count as a post to ninety percent of your readers without a good still involved.

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