Clive + Rainier

Sweet "Buddy Boy",
(As your sissy likes to call you)

It took us a long time to settle on your name. A boy's name has to one day be a man's name and to give a man his "man name" is a big deal. We kinda felt liked we killed it when naming your sister Florence (no shame) and so we had a lot to live up to.

The simple story is that Mamma and Papa were lying in bed one night reading one of the best books and greatest love stories in the entire world. (If you haven't read A Severe Mercy, go pick yourself up a copy as quick as you can Prime it. Or go to a local bookstore...)

In the book there are lots of letters back and forth between the author and one of his dear friends, C.S. Lewis. If there is one author that has impacted our faith the most, it's probably Mr. C.S. So the naming of our first born son went something like this:

"Hmm, C.S. Lewis...his first name was Clive right? What about Clive? Yes, Clive is sweet. Wait, is Clive weird or is it sweet? Clive is sweet. Let's name him Clive! Clive Owen is kinda hunky too and that's who most people will think of..."

Romantic right? I wish we had a better story for you sweetie.

(Fun fact: we later discovered that Clive Staples Lewis' mother's name was Florence. Meant to be).

As for Rainier, that was a bit harder. We flirted with lots of middle names for you and then Rainier jumped into the mix. We had a similar dialogue:

"Is Rainier too weird? Is it too weird to pair it with Clive, which is already a little weird? We don't want him to have a weird name. Will people in Washington think we named him after a mountain and think it's weird? ARE we naming him after a mountain? If Mt. Rainier erupts, will we regret using the name Rainier? No, Rainier is sweet. Clive Rainier sounds killer together. Clive Rainier Nelson. Check."

So whether we named you after a mountain or we were just inspired by the name of the mountain, we'll never really know. But one thing I know is that my whole life, that mountain has been the definition of God's majesty in creation to me. So if we did name you after a mountain, that would be ok too.

Mr. Clive, we think the name fits you perfectly! And you fit us perfectly too. Love you heaps and heaps our little man.


Yo Mamma

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