Happys and Sads, Part Undici

Happys and Sads are a little late again. What can I say. Better late than never!


-Learning to cook Nepali food at our dear friend Damanta's house.

-Dance parties on the roof.
-Dance parties in the van.
-Dance parties everywhere.
-Farewell dinners.
-Sleeping for the first 9 hours straight of our 15 hours flight from Delhi to Chicago. Then watching Titanic on Kiran's computer to pass another 3 hours.

-Getting home safely from Nepal.

-That first hug at the airport.

-Adam being invited to spend the 4th of July (while I was still in Nepal) with a bunch of my cousins and my Great Aunt Bootsie. I’d never even introduced him to them, but he went. Had a blast. And, no surprise, won their hearts.
-Moving everything into the house that we will live in together after October!
-Choosing colors and painting walls.
-Using my KitchenAid for the first time to make anniversary cupcakes for the Agabas. Thanks Gail!

-Using my new cupcake carrier to transport said cupcakes to Richmond, VA. Thanks Mazy!
-Spending Laura and Robert’s first anniversary with them in Richmond and remembering that blistering hot day last summer when they declared their life-long commitment to each other while all of the guests slowly melted away. But how blissfully happy do they look?

-Summer in the South
-Wedding planning
-Moving in with my amazing cousins in Raleigh, who I’ll be living with until the wedding.

-The Trader Joe’s that is five minutes from where my cousins (and I) live!
-Being back at Summit after an 8 week hiatus from church.
-Getting a Save-the-Date to the wedding of this gorgeous couple:

-Blueberry picking today with this sweet friend:

-The Raleigh Farmer's market is back in my life.
-100+ degree weather!

-Adam’s farmer’s tan.
-Our new (plastic) green ($10) Adirondack chairs from Home Depot.
-Ginormous 3 dollar watermelon.
-Eating okra like mad people. We can’t get enough.

-Passing the 100-day mark till our wedding! 95 as of today…
-Heading to Charlottesville for a wonderful wedding this coming weekend. And, getting to stay with this couple, whom I adore and miss:
-Heading home to Gig Harbor for 2.5 weeks on Monday.

-Blogging more often again!


-Saying goodbye to Nepal and all of my new friends there. Like my dear Damanta:

-My trusty desk that lasted me all the way through undergrad and year one of grad school breaking during the move. I knew it was time for that thing to be retired. But I was so sad to see it go.
-The 30-minute commute from where I live in Raleigh to Durham each day.
-Time Warner telling us we’ll have to wait 2 weeks to get internet installed in our house. Since when do you have to wait 2 weeks for internet?

-Gas prices around here just keep climbing.
-Getting ready to spend yet another 2.5 weeks away from Adam.
-Um, I really can't think of any more sads today. I guess that is a happy.


-Adam told me this week: “I love it when your hair does this thing where it kind frizzes out on the sides.” Thanks? Got to love it when someone appreciates your frizziness/frumpiness.

And speaking of hair...

-I love Adam’s summer hair. Every summer Adam coaches sailing in Gig Harbor (or New Zealand…) and is on the water all day every day. This makes his hair bleached-blonde and his nose red. Ahh, his summer look. :)

This summer he is not coaching. And his summer hair is just like is fall, winter, and spring hair.
(Which is also nice, don’t get me wrong).
But I’m feeling like I took this important part of who he is away from him, when he moved out here to be with me. I wonder if anyone around here needs a sailing coach in Adam’s free time...
Where is that summer blondie??

-Part of a Skype conversation from Nepal after Adam had spent the 4th of July getting to know my great Aunt Bootsie. (Telling me about a conversation they'd had):

she told me to tell you

that you've got a treat

and its me

Dear Aunt Bootsie, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

And that my friends, is all I've got. Much love and have a lovely rest of your weeks!



I think life changes more quickly than I've ever realized.

Any given day things can happen that turn our lives down completely unexpected and often foreign roads.

Hearing someone speak about a field they are passionate about.
Taking a class in a subject that you've never studied and realizing you love it.
Reading a book that changes your mind about something.
Going somewhere you've never been.

Meeting someone.

Getting injured.
Losing your job.
Or a loved one.

Thinking you are a healthy twenty-something one day. Being diagnosed with cancer the next.

This might sound trite, but it's amazing how much every single moment of our lives matters.

And yet, how hard is it to live in the present? To actually live as if you believe that those moments matter?

I worry so much about the future that I'm often incapable of enjoying the little seemingly insignificant "right-nows" that determine so much of how the future will play out.

It shows a discontent heart. Adam checks me on this all the time. Like the other night when we finished moving all of our stuff into the home we will share together.

It's lovely.

It's cozy.

It's got personality.

We love it.

And our first night there, as I was lying on the couch with my head in his lap, I mentioned something about how I wondered how long it would be before we could move back to Charlottesville.

Yep, I went there. In that moment. How tragic.

Luckily Adam is a godly, kind-hearted,

patient, man, and instead of throwing his hands up in complete frustration over my ridiculousness, he used the opportunity to sweetly, but wisely, check me on this tendency to jump to the future without being content just enjoying the right-now. And the right-now, right then, was spending a peaceful summer evening with my future husband who I love and will marry 100 days from today.

And that was a moment worth living in the present in.

As are they all.

Even the really hard ones.

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