florence, two months.

oh my girl, how are you two months old already? look how big you've grown! you are so alert now. you smile at your papa and me all the time. and you chat like you've got a million things to say. you are sleeping like a champion too, which we just love you all the more for! how is it possible that i've known you such a short time? i can't imagine not having you.

you are kind of a mess kid. you spit up a lot, get the hiccups several times a day, and you make drool bubbles like a little fish. when you eat, you get milk all over your face and all over me. as soon as we change your diaper you thank us by pooping immediately in the clean one. which is super fun since every diaper you poop in is a diaper mamma gets to wash.

when you sleep, we are convinced that you are an angel. we sneak in and stare at you sleeping together. we both have to cover our mouths to keep from laughing and gushing over how sweet you are. your little hand twitches like you are signing "yes." or shaking your fist at us in your sleep ("don't you dare wake me up guys...or else"). and you snore a little too. oh my word, you angel.

goodness, you can fuss with the best of them too though. sometimes you'll be smiling one minute and wailing the next. sometimes our heads spin trying to figure out what life changing moment took place in that instant when you went from your highest high to your lowest low. sometimes we all call you "frenzy" because of moments like these. your pappa j especially loves this nickname--he asks "how is little frenzy doing today?" a lot. it makes me laugh. you are a little mystery.

you are 10.5 lbs now and 22.5 inches long. you have a big head too! making it really hard for mamma to put cute bows and headbands on your head without you fussing. you love your hats though, which works this time of year.

this morning when i woke you up and fed you, you smiled and smiled and i could have snuggled you in that moment forever. we love you so much, our bambina.

you've changed us in these two short months, you really have. xoxo.


so i did this crazy thing...


i had a baby.
i started back at work.
and then i decided to go ahead and start another business too.

then my pastor preached a sermon on busyness…huh. so please no one tell him.

but i want to tell you about an exciting new endeavor in my life! for a little while i have been considering joining the team at a company that i love and adore, called arbonne.

arbonne is a swiss company that makes the most stinking-awesome skincare, cosmetic, and nutrition products ever ever. i tend to believe that you shouldn’t put icky things on your body that you wouldn’t put in your body. and in arbonne, i found a fellow believer in that theory…well actually thousands of fellow believers! they make botanical based products that are completely free of harmful chemicals that most products here in the great u-s-of-a are chalked full of. but equally exciting, they make products that WORK. i sampled their products before i ever considered being part of their team and i was like “woahhh, what IS this stuff?” seriously, it made my skin glow. and it felt so good to put on. like kale but for my outsides! i was an arbonne believer and after awhile started thinking about joining the effort myself.

arbonne has everything from anti-aging skincare lines, shampoos, and spa products, to yummy protein shakes and detox cleanses. oh, and their makeup! this, coming from a girl who has never been a big wearer of cosmetic anything. it’s incredible folks. gosh it makes my skin look beautiful.

ok, so i’ll stop. but i just had to tell you the good news. i am sure i’ll be blogging more about our products here…maybe even giving away some stuff occasionally (could get crazy!). but seriously, if you want to hear more about any of it, or want to hear how you can get some sweet deals on products, feel free to let me know! i’d love to tell you lots lots more!

cheers for arbonne! and cheers for healthy skin. :)


the crummiest thing i've done so far.

today i am going back to work and saying see ya later to maternity leave, quite resistantly. it's been, well, the best. i am so grateful to have someone wonderful taking care of her, but at the end of the day it still feels like the crummiest thing i have ever had to do. until now, i haven't left this baby girl but once in the past eight weeks. not to mention the nine months before that...

but i couldn't have adored this sweet time with her more. i love that i'll always get to look back on it and remember her snuggly little new self and getting to spend all day playing and watching her discover the world. gosh, she is my favorite. 

mamma-daughter cuddles never get old. right florence?

i could play with this cutie all day, every day.

learning about the anthropologie sale room while shopping with mamma and gramma.

yay for play dates with friends too!!

it became a common theme that when i read to her...she falls asleep. someday you'll find books interesting girl! 

mmmm, my snuggly.

florence, i could definitely spend all day every day with you. you are just the coolest. thanks for making a mamma out of me. 

miss you heaps today.


friendly, rainy weekend.

happy monday everyone! i hope you had a beautiful and relaxing weekend. ours was full of rain and tornado warnings, but also two super awesome friends coming to visit from virginia. one of my very best friends jen came to visit and brought her man with her too! is there anything better than seeing your baby girl in the arms of your best friends? it's right near the very top of the list of things that melt my heart. due to the icky weather we spent most of our time indoors. luckily fullsteam was still brewing beer and the nfl playoffs were in full swing. (go hawks!) indoors or outdoors, good friends make for great weekends. :)

(beer flights, football, and fullsteam!)

(so nervous at the end of the hawks game she couldn't even watch.)


the fam.

oh my heavens. despite the massive amount of blogging material that newborns offer, they also require all of the time that you might otherwise spend writing posts with the abundance of material they provide. so goes the blissfully chaotic life with a newborn. florence has been a *relatively* easy baby (trust me, she still has her daily fits and knew what was up with the "bewitching" hour from the time she was born). but she eats well, sleeps well at night, is healthy, and is pleasant for most hours of most days. oh gosh, and she smiles! so i am giving her a gold star for the first six weeks. all this to say, i have had trouble sitting down and writing. so a post of cute photos is about all i can afford right now. luckily we had the talented arrow house photography come take some photos of the bambina when she was two weeks old and just got them back this week. i love the "lifestyle" type newborn shots that really capture every day life with the new baby. rebecca feels the same and did a beautiful job capturing our new family in our natural habitat. thank you rebecca for spending this time with us and giving us such a beautiful gift! my heart feels full looking at them. i kind of love my family.

gosh it was hard to narrow these down for the blog. (you're thinking, "she narrowed these down??") if you love what you see here, please check out arrow house photography. she does weddings, engagements, family shots, newborns, and more! and you'll want to be her friend forever if you work with her. :)


christmas round-up.

now that it is officially the new year i figured i should probably go ahead and post about our first christmas as a family of three. i remember when my sister told us last christmas that she was pregnant we all started daydreaming about a cozy christmas in north carolina all together with a new baby. oh how sweet it sounded! never did we imagine that there would be TWO babies by christmas. and two baby girls, at that. wow this year took some beautifully unexpected turns. :)

adam's parents came to visit the whole week of christmas and his sister and brother in-law arrived the morning after christmas and are with us until saturday. we had one full day of overlap with my parents and siblings and his parents and sister--all the girls went to high tea at the washington duke while all the men played golf. what great fun it is to have so many loved ones in one place!!

there were so many highlights this christmas, i don't know how to share them all. i'll let these photos do most of the talking. but what a joy it was to celebrate the hope and love of christ's birth with new itty bitty lives of our own. it's funny how such little people can make just about anything exponentially more meaningful. i must say, there was a lot of love floating around this christmas. and a lot of kisses on sweet little baby lips. and cheeks. and everywhere.

florence loves her grammas. how content does she look in this photo?

the baby girls wore matching christmas dresses for christmas eve church at the DPAC. oh how they'll thank us for this later. :)

the girlies getting ready for bed on their first christmas eve!

we had a yummy pancake breakfast before heading over to mom and dad's on christmas morning. florence was eyeing granny's pancakes...girl after my own heart.

continuing the matching christmas pj tradition with the baby girls. overboard? who cares. it was precious.

these two together are too much for my heart. i love them so stinking much! what is better than christmas baby cousins in matching jammies? um, nothing.

i hope your christmas was filled with joy and sweetness too. and a very happy new year to you!! (a little late...) :)

ps, most of these photos were taken by my sister who somewhere along the way became our family photographer. thanks sis!

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