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oh my heavens. despite the massive amount of blogging material that newborns offer, they also require all of the time that you might otherwise spend writing posts with the abundance of material they provide. so goes the blissfully chaotic life with a newborn. florence has been a *relatively* easy baby (trust me, she still has her daily fits and knew what was up with the "bewitching" hour from the time she was born). but she eats well, sleeps well at night, is healthy, and is pleasant for most hours of most days. oh gosh, and she smiles! so i am giving her a gold star for the first six weeks. all this to say, i have had trouble sitting down and writing. so a post of cute photos is about all i can afford right now. luckily we had the talented arrow house photography come take some photos of the bambina when she was two weeks old and just got them back this week. i love the "lifestyle" type newborn shots that really capture every day life with the new baby. rebecca feels the same and did a beautiful job capturing our new family in our natural habitat. thank you rebecca for spending this time with us and giving us such a beautiful gift! my heart feels full looking at them. i kind of love my family.

gosh it was hard to narrow these down for the blog. (you're thinking, "she narrowed these down??") if you love what you see here, please check out arrow house photography. she does weddings, engagements, family shots, newborns, and more! and you'll want to be her friend forever if you work with her. :)

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  1. These are precious, that baby girl is too sweet! I adore the shot of all 3 of you on that yellow bench!


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