the crummiest thing i've done so far.

today i am going back to work and saying see ya later to maternity leave, quite resistantly. it's been, well, the best. i am so grateful to have someone wonderful taking care of her, but at the end of the day it still feels like the crummiest thing i have ever had to do. until now, i haven't left this baby girl but once in the past eight weeks. not to mention the nine months before that...

but i couldn't have adored this sweet time with her more. i love that i'll always get to look back on it and remember her snuggly little new self and getting to spend all day playing and watching her discover the world. gosh, she is my favorite. 

mamma-daughter cuddles never get old. right florence?

i could play with this cutie all day, every day.

learning about the anthropologie sale room while shopping with mamma and gramma.

yay for play dates with friends too!!

it became a common theme that when i read to her...she falls asleep. someday you'll find books interesting girl! 

mmmm, my snuggly.

florence, i could definitely spend all day every day with you. you are just the coolest. thanks for making a mamma out of me. 

miss you heaps today.

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  1. i know today sucks but it WILL get easier. you have a beautiful mama's heart and you love her better than anyone ever could. and trust me, it only gets better as she grows and interacts with you more. weekends will become even better than they ever were before because they mean so much time with the babe. you are a great mother elise and im so proud of you. welcome to the working mama's club. its not always a fun club to be in, but we sure do stick together!


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