little miss's shower.

my little niecey-poo is less than two months away now, and we finally got to throw her a little party on saturday. this will be our family's first grandchild and my little bambino/a's best friend for life. and she's a girl so you can only imagine all the googling and awwwing over every little gift that my sister opened on saturday. why do little girl's clothes just make you want to squeal?

man this girlie is loved already.

and considering how many "flutters" i was feeling while in virginia for the shower, i think the babe pretty much adores its cousin already. can't wait for them to meet in the fall!!

one of our fun games taught women how to birth ping pong balls out of balloons. and don't we all feel a little more prepared for it?
one of the two precious baby girls in attendance. kind of...
the preggo hosts with the preggo mamma.
and cousins to be!!
the lovely ladies who celebrated with us.

how was your weekend? any sweet babies to celebrate? 

ps, photos by martha, christine, and me!


  1. also I did not know you were feeling flutters!!! that is SO exciting

    1. yep! it's wonderful. :) just waiting for ad to be able to feel them too.

  2. What a beautiful shower!! It feels like forever since I've attended one (or had my own...even though it's not been that long!) I'm hosting one for my friend in a few weeks and can't wait!

    Also, I couldn't find your email, but I am co-hosting a NC blogger meet up in July and would love for you to attend! You can see details here.

    1. Thanks Ashley! Great to see a new face here. :) I'll definitely have to check out that blogger meet up. :)


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